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mac face & body foundation review | most natural looking foundation

Gahhhhhh.. I can’t gush enough about this foundation! After months and months of contemplating if I was gonna purchase a bottle or not. I finally gave in. After reading Ms. D’s stellar reviews and seeing how good it looks on her IN PERSON. 

Ready for my review?


Product Description

a lightweight foundation that delivers a satin finish and sheer coverage.




Thanks to good genes and skincare routine, I’m the type of person who doesn’t need a full-coverage foundation to look prepped and polished. Most days I can go out without any makeup, especially on good skin days. While my skin is usually smooth, I have minimal concerns that needs to be corrected like; redness and uneven skin tone. 

I own full coverage and even medium coverage foundations but those look and feel heavy for me. I needed something that’s my skin but better. MSBB?

and yowza! I finally gave in when I went to e MAC kiosk and tried it myself. 

The texture runs fluid. Like, water fluid. It comes in a handy dandy travel-safe squeeze bottle too that won’t break in transit. I got the huge bottle because I was convinced by the sales lady that they run out fast, and I get to save more money because the 30ml as 1400php+ and the 60ml was 1800php+ 

how it looks like when worn

I was choosing between C2 and C3, surprised that I’m leaning towards the cool spectrum. Decided to choose C3 because C2 was lighter, and even as the day went on, acidic as I was. It didn’t change color or darken. AMAZING. Yes, I tried it on for a few hours before purchasing. That’s money we’re talking and we don’t want to waste it! (naks, nagpapaka-frugal, charot!)

You can check the swatches below that even after 3 layers, even 6 layers. The maximum coverage you can get is light. This is sheer to light. So if you have cystic acne, or really dark circles. A concealer is a must to complement this glorious foundation.

After 3 layers


After 6 layers

The texture is lovely. Even the MA recommends that you use your fingers to blend rather than the sponge for a more natural finish. It starts of watery, then transforms to gummy once rubbed on skin, ends looking satin.

It makes me look healthy and happy. Like, I was blessed and born with great skin. It corrects but it doesn’t cover. It’s your skin but better. Currently my #1 but on BAD skin days I still rely on full-coverage foundations 😉




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