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Basic Facts About Pinoy BL Series

The BL series from the Philippines are shows that are slowly gaining momentum and fan bases as more of these are getting into mainstream media. Because it’s a relatively new genre in the country, it’s inevitable for a lot of people to have some questions about this type of series and what it’s all about. It’s also a common issue that some people may not be open to this type of show just yet. In this article, we’ll tackle some of the most common facts that people usually want to know about the Pinoy BL series.

What is BL?

The term BL stands for “boys’ love.” As the term implies, this term refers to homosexual love between two or more biological males who refer to have same-sex relationships. It is a genre that is commonly seen in manga, anime, movies, series, and light novels in Japan and Thailand. 

The genre has been around for quite a while now and has slowly been gaining popularity in different parts of the world, including the Philippines. One of the factors that draw more people into watching this type of show is mainly curiosity. As same-sex love has been regarded as taboo in the past, people used to talk about this topic in a hushed manner. As time goes by and more people act as allies alongside the people who prefer homosexual relationships, BL has also received a lot of support from people in the LGBTQA+ community and their cisgendered peers.

How did it become a thing?

The BL genre started in Japan when manga artists began to experiment with homoerotic themes in their stories. The effort became a huge success, which inspired other artists to create their own BL stories. This success gave the creators some courage to come up with more stories with more explicit themes. Like their predecessors, these are also met with success. Some of the most prominent manga series that have been turned into the live-action adaptations include “Dangerous Drugs of Sex” and “Pornographer.”

Do the Pinoy BL series represent the LGBT community?

There is no definite answer to this question. While there are some shows that do represent the LGBT community, there are also those that don’t really tackle issues that are important to the community. It really depends on the show that you’re watching. But one thing is for sure: the characters represent certain people in the Filipino community from different walks of life.

What are the effects of showing Pinoy BL series in mainstream media?

The effects of showing Pinoy BL series in mainstream media are not definite. While there are a lot of people who are accepting of this type of show, there are also those who are not really open to it just yet. Some online debates also arise because of some series that may have controversial and sensitive issues tackled. In the long run, only time will tell what the effects of these shows will be when people watch more of the shows under this genre.

What do we have to know about the characters?

The characters in a Pinoy BL series typically fall into different archetypes. There’s the “seme” or the dominant partner who is often seen as the more masculine and aggressive one in the relationship. On the other hand, there’s the “uke” or the submissive partner who is often seen as the more feminine and sensitive one. There are also other characters who don’t really fit into either archetype but are still important to the story.

Some stories go for characters who are neither dominant nor submissive. In some BL fan groups, these pairs are referred to as the power couples because of their tendency and the audience’s perception of these two people being more powerful when they’re together. These are usually seen in shows where the two have similar difficult backgrounds. Usually, this is enough of an emotional fuel to make the audience root for them as a couple and as individuals.

How is the storyline different from the shows in other genres?

The storyline in a BL show is often more focused on the relationship between the two male leads. While there are also other subplots involved, the main focus is still on the development of the relationship between the two main characters. A lot of the Pinoy BL series start off with one or both characters being aloof towards each other. In some cases, they may not even know each other personally even if they usually stay in the same area within a given period of time.

This is what usually sets BL shows apart from other genres where the focus is often on the plot and not on the characters’ relationships. In some shows, there are even some arcs that provide some spotlight to the background of the supporting characters. The screenwriters usually give importance to these aspects as well because they also impact the lives and the decisions that the main characters will make at some points in the series.

What are the tropes that you can typically see in a Pinoy BL series?

There are a lot of tropes that are often seen in the Pinoy BL series. One of the most common ones is the “twincest” trope where the two main characters are often twins or at least look like twins. Another common trope is the “rich boy, poor boy” trope where one of the main characters is from a rich family while the other is from a poor family. There are also other tropes like the “fake relationship” trope and those relationships that initially start from one-night stands. If you think about it, there are a lot of tropes that this genre popularized, which the other types of shows eventually adapted.

What are the usual themes of these shows?

BL series often have slice-of-life themes. This means that the focus is often on the everyday lives of the characters and how they deal with the ups and downs of their relationships. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people are drawn to this type of show because it feels more relatable.

What are some of the popular Pinoy BL series so far?

The most popular Pinoy BL series are those that are able to tackle important issues while also being entertaining. Some of the most popular ones include “Gameboys,” “Hello Stranger,” “GBV,” and “Love by Chance.” Other shows like “Ben X Jim” and “Oh, Mando” are also making waves in the local BL industry and are capturing the hearts of the public through the characters’ quirks and non-conventional storyline twists.

Anything else we have to know?

Just like with any other type of show, there are also a lot of good and bad Pinoy BL series out there. It’s important to be discerning when choosing which ones to watch. There are a lot of good ones that tackle important issues while there are also those that are just there for the sake of entertainment. Whichever you choose, just make sure that you’re watching something that you’re comfortable with.

This article has tackled some of the most common questions that people have about the Pinoy BL series. With this article, you now have a better understanding of what these shows are all about.


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