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REVIEW: IVI Collagen Drink

They say collagen drinks work overnight. But I took it up a notch and drank 1 bottle of collagen drink for 6 days (yes 6 because I can’t afford a 7th haha). I’ll be uploading the video on KikaysikaTV. This post is an individual review of each brand of collagen drink that I’ll be trying out.

Today we’ll be reviewing IVI Collagen Drink (SRP: 180php). According to their description  It moisturizes and plumps up skin; lightens dark spots and uneven pigmentation; strengthens the skin and makes it more elastic; replenishes the body’s collagen supply; firms up the skin and smoothens the lines;

Available in Apple Flavor and Peach Flavor (I got the Peach flavor)

INGREDIENTS: Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen 10,000mg, elastin Bonito, High Fructose corn syrup, phosphoric acid, peach flavoring, white wine flavoring, muscat grapes flavoring


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IVI Collagen Drink Review

Packaging – Glass bottle with a resealable metal cap. I appreciate that their packaging is made out of recyclable materials and not plastic.

Ingredients – Its ingredients are pretty simple. One of the supplements with a higher collagen content (10,000mg), sugar, and flavoring. IVI collagen is sourced from fish and marine life.

Dosage – 1 bottle a day

Taste – It has a strong fishy flavor that I found hard to tolerate. A mixture of tart peaches with a hint of galunggong.

Effects – I wake up looking like I had 8 full hours of good night’s sleep. My eyes didn’t look puyat even if I slept wee hours. My cheeks plumper and my skin having that beautifying natural oil lewk.

Who do I recommend this to? If you can tolerate the taste, then by all means. Go ahead and buy a dozen. But for me? I’d continue my quest for now. In looking for that perfect combination of great taste + potent anti-aging effects.


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