BB Lab Goodnight Collagen Review
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BB Lab Goodnight Collagen Review

Hey guys how are you doing? I can’t believe at the age of 35 *almost* I’m still actively blogging. Despite writing less, I try to focus on more quality posts than quantities. Today I’ll be doing a review on BB Lab Goodnight Collagen, a popular low-molecular collagen supplement brand in Korea – that’s also widely available in the Philippines.

Despite having a LOT of collagen supplement brands available in the country, I’m always wary where they are produced, and who is making them. I only trust reliable companies, because most local brands claim this and that and they’re not even FDA approved! Scary right? 

I’m always on the lookout for an affordable yet reliable and effective collagen supplement brand because collagen help keep my skin taut, plump, supple, and luscious (wow luscious hahaha). 

BB Lab is a trusted brand in Asia and is available worldwide from Sasa, Cose, to Watsons. Be careful of fakes too so make sure you check reviews and do a background check on the shop you’re purchasing from. I buy mine here for 1067php/can of 30 2g sticks. Cheap right? Okay let’s start 😉

BB Lab Goodnight Collagen Review

What is BB Lab Goodnight Collagen?

According to a store in Amazon, BB Lab Goodnight Collagen is a best-selling collagen powder in Korea! This night repair collagen promotes fast absorption. Enriched with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and collagen, it is an all-round beauty supplement for a radiant, supple and hydrated skin texture.

  • LOW-MOLECULAR COLLAGEN : Skin regeneration product to absorb collagen before sleep. Our low-molecular (1,000 DA) fish/marine collagen allows for quick and efficient absorption into your body, boosting the recovery of your skin, muscles, and bones.
  • EASY ON-THE-GO COLLAGEN : With our single-serve collagen stick packaging, you can take it anywhere with you (e.g. gym, workplace, travel, and others), supporting and fostering a more consistent skin-care routine. Net Wt. 60g. (2g x 30 Sticks). Take One Stick a Day.
  • BENEFICIAL INGREDIENTS: Each stick contains 1,200 mg of fish collagen with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, elastin cysteine, and 12 kinds of mixed lactic acid bacteria for the best possible results.
  • MIXED BERRY FLAVOR: Great tasting mixed berry flavor for easy consumption with no mixing with water required. Just take one stick by itself per day, or you can mix it with water or yogurt.

How do I take BB Lab?

One stick anytime of the day. Straight from the stick as powder or mix it with water. I prefer mixing mine with water so the flavour is not that strong. 

BB Lab Goodnight Collagen Ingredients

Fish Collagen Powder 1,200mg/stick, Vitamin C, Hydrolyzed Elastin, Mixed Probiotics Powder, Mixed Vitamin A Powder, Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Glycine, Seven berries concentrate powder, Dry yeast, Sucralose, Hyaluronic acid mixed preperation, Niacinamide, Silicon dioxide, Enzyme-modified stevia, L-proline, Strawberry flavor, beetroot powder, mixed fruits concentrate powder, Natural Flavor, DL-Malic acid



It comes in a reusable can that we can refill. Each can has slim 2g sticks that we can take along anywhere we like. I like how convenient it is, even when taking it. Water is optional. 


The pink can like mine has a mixed berry flavour. Very citrusy, sweet and sour with a mild fishy taste. Collagen is made from fish so expect that this is the case with any brand. What’s great with BB Lab’s is theirs is mild and barely noticeable. I don’t mind it at all and it’s very easy to take. 


BB Lab Goodnight Collagen sticks is more than just collagen. Besides having 1,200mg of low-molecular collagen per stick (highest absorption rate!), it also has a combination of vitamin C as anti-oxidant, hyaluronic acid for moisture retention, and lactic acid bacteria to improve our gut health. Sometimes, when we have poor gut health, this leads to bloating and acne. So besides keeping our skin young looking, it also helps keep our skin smooth and clear too!


Now I understand why it has the word goodnight on its product name. It makes you sleepy! And I love it! I have sleeping troubles because of my anxiety and bipolar disorder, and after doing some research, I read that a good quality collagen naturally helps our body “rest” and “relax”.

Collagen is quietly being touted as a potent mood relaxer, sleep promotor and productivity booster. Human studies are showing that three grams of glycine (found in one collagen serving) taken before bed improves the quality of your sleep.

Me.. promoting my anthology book Magkasintahan vol. IV hehehe.. no makeup!!!!

After a month of regular use, my skin is noticeably plumper and has that nice fresh glow to it, even without using any makeup or skincare the night before. This is literally skincare we drink. Maybe because it also helps lessen stress? Stress is another factor for premature aging and ugly skin!

I also noticed that when taking this.. I look less haggard and tired (even if in reality I am lol)

Final Thoughts

Oh my oh my oh my. What great discovery this is! I checked out their store and they have other variants available like ones with Biotin, and one that we can take during daytime. It’s one of the more affordable collagen brands in the market, and it’s made in Korea! Korea is known beautiful ladies with clear skin 😉 No wonder, they have great products like these! I’m so glad we can buy it easily in the Philippines too. 

It’s not that expensive compared to other brands, and it’s effective. That’s what matters.

I highly recommend this product, and proud to say that this review is not sponsored at all (I wish it was haha). On my way to purchase another can or two. Or try other variants as well. Super curious. 

Till my next review! Ciao 😉



  • Rowena Callo Villareno

    Yay love this po thank you for sharing and honest review about sa products ganda ng benefits dami pa variants.

  • Owen Ponce

    With your good feedback and honest review! I really appreciate and want it to try ! I’ve been looking for the perfect product,and this one’s nice and effective

  • Marah Charlene

    Interesting! Considering of taking this as a part of my selfcare routine.. I realize more than pahid pahid sa face maganda rin na may supplement for younger looking skin. Para aging gracefully pa rin

  • Imelda (Meldy) Ramirez

    Thank you Ms.Kaycee for sharing your daily skincare routine.want to try this collagen para blooming din just like you.Looking forward for more skincare routine review and tips.Stay safe and beautiful as always po

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