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Belo Intensive Whitening Bar Extra Moisture Review

During the time I’m typing this review, I just finished taking a shower using the Belo Intensive Whitening Bar. It’s packaged in a slim box with an orange/white theme that’s similar to almost all whitening soaps in the market. I don’t know what’s the co-relation of the color orange with lightening. It weighs 90g, a lesser amount compared to other brands. But like I always say, quality always trumps quantity.

  • What? Belo Intensive Whitening Bar
  • How much? 64.75 per piece
  • Where to buy? Lazada, Leading supermarkets and drugstores

It has the fragrance of soft oats and flowers. FINALLY! A kojic soap that doesn’t smell like orange taxi air freshener. LOL. Anyway here’s the box description:

An intensive whitening bar with glycerin that deeply moisturizes and nourishes dry and dull skin.

•  Whitens 64% better than products that use Kojic Acid alone.
•  Moisturizes 42% better than regular kojic soaps.
•  Dermatologist-tested. Clinically proven effective.

Active Ingredients:
Kojic Acid
 – Organic compound, is proven to prevent melanin production.
Tranexamic Acid – Amino acid derivative, inhibits inflammation and melanin formation. It reduces appearance of stubborn dark spots that do not respond to other skin lightening ingredients
Glycerin – Powerful moisturizing agent. Prevents moisture loss and restores skin’s firmness and elasticity.




  • At 64 pesos, it’s one of the more affordable lightening soaps in the market today
  • A kojic soap that doesn’t sting!
  • Smells soooooo good! I can even use this for the scent alone
  • Works pretty fast. I saw visible micro peeling as early as 7 days. Yup.
  • Does it lighten dark spots and scars? Using this soap alone, nope. I suggest using it in conjunction with their new exfoliating toner an cream


  • Melts easily. Quite common with cold pressed soaps.


As I always tell my readers, if you’re going to lighten your skin; Don’t forget to use a good SUNSCREEN! This soaps is one for the books. I’ll include this in my favorite whitening soaps rotation.



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