• Belo BB Cream Review | Flashback Feedbacks
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    Belo BB Cream Review | Flashback Feedbacks

    Migrated from April 15 2016 article from kikaysikat.com If you’ve been stalking me on social media (facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat) you probably notice the different backgrounds and locations on my posts. Yes baes, Geof and I finally transferred to the beautiful city of Lipa, Batangas. While I will still go to the hustle and bustle of Manila for work and play, Lipa is now officially my city. I’m glad to finally join my family and for this post I will feature my sister to try Belo’s latest product that’s getting all the raves; Belo Intensive Whitening BB Cream with SPF 50 PA++++ Brand – Belo Product – Intensive Whitening BB…

  • Dr. Kaufmann Sulfur Soap Review
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    Dr. Kaufmann Sulfur Soap Review

    Macho kid is turning 10 this year. He’s almost in his puberty stage and some signs are already showing up. No longer does he have that sweet baby smell (huhu) instead his armpits smell rancid. He bathes twice a day, and hygiene is definitely not an issue.  I also tried antibacterial soaps like Safeguard, or the regular J&J but nothing worked. Deodorants can only do so much like “cloak” the unpleasant smell, we need to go fix the source. Bacteria + Sweat.  I finally decided to try and review  Dr. Kaufmann Sulfur Soap. Dr. Kaufmann Sulfur Soap Price: 39php/bar It has Sulfur and Zinc Oxide for dual skin protection. Directions: Gently…

  • Butterlips Conditioning Color by In Her Element (Review + Swatches)
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    Butterlips Conditioning Color by In Her Element (Review + Swatches)

    Yay! I finally found the time (and attention) to write my review on In Her Element’s Butterlips Conditioning Color. Yup you read that right. One of our favourite local skincare brands is diving into makeup too! Grateful that they sent me all their 3 shades to try: Hanan, Mayari, Tala and a tube costs 395 php each or 875 php for all 3 colors. You can buy them at their website. Promo Code Alert! Get 100PHP OFF your purchase! Use my code: THEMACHOMOM upon checkout at In Her Element. You can use this as many times as you want. YAY! Product Description The Butterlips Conditioning Color (3g) hydrates lips with a…

  • Pure Beauty Collagen - REVIEW! Yung Totoo
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    Pure Beauty Collagen – REVIEW! Yung Totoo

    Collagen is life. and today we’re going to review Pure Beauty Collagen Powder (SRP: 1,399php). I’ve been taking this supplement for around 2 months now and have no plans of stopping. Why? Continue reading my full review below! Where to buy Pure Beauty Collagen? @glutaworks on Instagram or Pure Beauty Collagen PH on Facebook As a lady in her mid-30’s (yes), our collagen production is getting slower, and slower every year. Try to observe younger women.  Those in their 20’s and below. Their skin is still plump, glowing, and refined. It’s because their body still naturally produce collagen.    Why does collagen production slow down? The body produces collagen naturally and it…

  • Careline Multi Pot Review - A 3CE Multipot Dupe?
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    Careline Multi Pot Review – A 3CE Multipot Dupe?

    Hi mga anak! This is totally random but today we’ll be reviewing Careline Multi Pot in Abracadabra. A quick story on this: I was doing a GRWM video on FB Live and have 2 cream blushes in my kit, Careline’s and 3CE Multipot. In similar color! A deep shade of cool red. I did an experiment and applied one brand on each side of my face and lo-behold, they’re dupes of each other! But are they really? Continue reading my review below 🙂 Product Description Always on-the-go and looking for your handy, all-in-one makeup? Careline Multi Pot is your perfect match! Its cream to powder finish will let you achieve…

  • REVIEW: ColourPop Brown Sugar Palette (Photos, Swatches)
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    REVIEW: ColourPop Brown Sugar Palette (Photos, Swatches)

    I’m guilty of being one of the people who hoards makeup just because it’s cute, but in reality don’t get to use it at all. Feel me? Season after season we get a new makeup collection release and our we can’t control ourselves. That’s why it feels amazing to find a product that you reach out for, over and over. It’s what Colorpop’s Brown Sugar Neutral Brown Eyeshadow Palette (15usd) is for me.  Worth it? Continue reading below.   Color Pop Brown Sugar Palette Description Add dimension with 6 matte shadows and a pop of glitz with 3 metallic shades. Wear it alone to create your everyday look or pair…

  • REVIEW: Ellana OG BB Foundation (Original Glow)
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    REVIEW: Ellana OG BB Foundation (Original Glow)

    The weird feeling that my breakouts and pimple problems are turning a year old soon. While coping and trying to clear up my acne-laden skin, I had to cover them up. Especially when attending photo shoots, meetings, or events. Before Ellana OG BB Foundation came along, I was using all sorts of high-coverage foundations. Sure they can cover the zits alright, but were they good for my skin? Nope. I felt like wearing them during the day made me pimples worse. That’s when I was asked to try and review Ellana’s latest face product, of course I said yes! It was a wish come true for me. I was already…

  • Sephora Favorites - Give Me More Lip - Is it worth getting?
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    Sephora Favorites – Give Me More Lip – Is it worth getting?

    Sephora is always producing kits that are worth your splurge. Most of them contain at least 1-2 full products that already pay for themselves + the  mini sizes. I mean, who finishes full-sizes anyway? I’m also guilty of hoarding cosmetics and leaving them to expire because there’s just too many. That’s why samples and minis are perfect for beauty addicts like us. Today I’ll be sharing with you swatches of the new Sephora Favorites: Give Me More Lip that I received last Christmas (2019). Sephora Favorites Give Me More Lip A collection of lip products in different formulas, shades, and finishes—including two full-size and six deluxe products. This kit includes moisturizing…

  • Puritans Pride Zinc for Acne Review - Puritan Pride Vitamins
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    Puritans Pride Zinc for Acne Review – Puritan Pride Vitamins

    Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing you my 3-week journey with Puritans Pride Zinc for Acne. I mentioned in my previous vlog on “How to Have Clear Skin” that it’s mostly genetics. Throughout my youth, from elementary to puberty, I never experienced wild acne. Until today. I’m 32 by the way. I’ve tried the usual topical solutions for acne that I trust. AHA, BHA, Retinoids, even good ol’ Kati-Alis but nope. They still continue to grow into painful, pus-filled cystic acne. I also tried to stop using anything and just washed my face with water but nope. Acne is still present. Yes, I also consulted with a dermatoligist where I purchased her Acne-clearing set…

  • Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Under-Eye Concealer | REVIEW and SWATCHES
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    Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Under-Eye Concealer | REVIEW and SWATCHES

    ACNE. It’s so weird that at the age of 32, it suddenly went onslaught and wrecked havoc on my face. I have, kept a relatively clear skin since I can remember. Until mid-last year when these annoying pustule-filled pimples popped up. I’ve tried almost everything to remove them (will tell that separately), but until then. A good concealer is needed to cover. That’s why today we’ll be reviewing the Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Under-Eye Concealer (yes it says it’s for the undereye, but it’s so good you can use it on any part of your face).    Description Super Stay® Full Coverage Under-Eye Concealer is a lightweight, full coverage liquid concealer.…

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