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REVIEW: Kanebo Skin Harmonizer (for oily skin?)

A welcome addition to my skincare routine: Kanebo Skin Harmonizer ✨

Disclaimer that this was seeded to me for consideration. I was not compensated in any form.

What it is: A dual-phase lotion that targets sebum and improves the skin’s barrier.

kanebo skin harmonizer bottle
  • A lotion that fights complex skin problems that include dry skin problems such as dryness and oily skin problems such as shine and stickiness.
  • The amount of sebum that causes stickiness and shine is not limited to just the amount.When the ratio of certain unsaturated fatty acids in sebum components becomes high, the skin’s barrier function decreases, causing dryness and rough skin.
  • Traps such “sebum that turns into bad”.Get moisturized, bright, well-balanced skin with a fighting lotion
kanebo skin harmonizer how to use

How to use: Hold the bottle firmly and shake it up and down until the two layers are thoroughly mixed.

kanebo skin harmonizer for oily skin

With hands or with cotton pad like a toner. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE.

Ingredients: Water, BG, ethanol, glycerin, DPG, hydroxypropyl cellulose, Roman chamomile flower extract, eucalyptus leaf extract, Asuna branch extract, jojoba seed oil, diglycol guanidine succinate, xylitol, amidinoproline, hydroxyundecanoic acid, ethyl glucoside , Dutch mustard extract, hydrolyzed white lupine protein, zinc oxide, yellowfin tuna bark extract, methyl gluceth-20, squalane, dimethicone, isononyl isononanoate, succinic acid, sorbitan isostearate, PEG-11 methyl ether dimethicone, (acrylates/acrylic acid) Alkyl (C10-30)) crosspolymer, EDTA-2Na, phenoxyethanol, fragrance


kanebo skin harmonizer before and after

Ive used this consistently in the AM and PM, after my cleanser and before my actives. I noticed this is the perfect prepping product so my skin is strengthened and calmed down before my ginsengs and retinols. It has a mild astringent smell, and feels like water. Light and quite refreshing.

Two weeks of use and I noticed my skin is less oily and not as easily irritated as before. Less oily?! But compared to other anti-sebum products, this feels nourishing and not drying. Not drying?!

Overall, I’ll be glad to finish a bottle. I hope I get to try the entire Kanebo Skin Harmonizer range too 🙏💖


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