Review Lataffa Delilah Perfume(a Delina clone)
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Review: Lataffa Delilah Perfume (a Delina clone?)

This is my first fragrance blind buy. This is also my very first Arab perfume. I scoured and devoured countless of reviews and comparisons – from reddit to youtube – that made me decide if it’s worth getting or not. I mean, I got it for less than P2,000 for 100ml juice. Tempting. You’re here probably asking, does it really smell like Parfum de Marly’s Delina? I’ll give you a quick answer, YES.

Why? How? Continue reading my review.

Review: Lataffa Delilah Perfume(a Delina clone?)


My take on Maison Alhambra Delilah aka Delina dupe ✨

♬ original sound – themachomom – themachomom

Lataffah Delilah Perfume


  • Top Note: Bergamot, lychee & Rhubarb.
  • Middle note: Peony, Wild lily & Rose.
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, White musk, and Cashmere.

Parfum de Marly Delina Perfume


  • Top notes are Litchi, Rhubarb, Bergamot and Nutmeg;
  • middle notes are Turkish Rose, Peony, Musk, Petalia and Vanilla;
  • Base notes are Cashmeran, Incense, Cedar, and Haitian vetiver


A few years ago, I was in the Podium mall when I caught a whiff of perfume from a young girl, this may sound weird but how I wanted to ask what her perfume was, but I was shy and I didnt want to appear creepy. But it gave me regrets. I longed to have what she wore. UNTIL

Yes. The blind fragrance buy was meant to be. I’m sure she was wearing Delina!!!! The moment I sprayed it on, and I kept on sniffing my wrists. It was Delina!

But a bottle of Delina is priced pretty hefty at P7000+ for a mere 30ml. According to reviews Lataffa Delilah’s a pretty close clone so I told myself, why not coconut, and risked to a full sized bottle. (GET YOURS HERE)

What can I say, high risk high reward! Delilah smells so freaking lovely! It was love at first sniff! It opened with delicious litchee and rhubarb. Natural, and not “artificial” fruit smelling. Then blossomed into fresh fresh Turkish roses… I’m probably no expert that’s why I didnt get the Peony and Petaila, but Im sure they were there. The Vanilla, Cashmere, and Musk made sure the florals and fruits werent headache inducing. As time went on the blend of notes, smoothened to a harmonic melody.

In order to determine if this is indeed a clone, I should own a bottle, or at least a decant of the original Delina, that’s why I ordered my Delina decant at Perfume Love Manila shop. It’s pretty well known from fragheads online, and they sell authentic decants only.

Then, I compared it with my Delilah perfume left wrist vs right wrist. Wow. Delilah, projects stronger, and lasts longer. Notes? I must say it is 90% the same. Delilah is less sweet, less cloying, and fresher. Both have strong rose all throughout, so this is not a safe blind buy if you’re not into roses.

My favorite part of the perfume is definitely the top, sweet, fresh, summery. This is a perfect scent for Spring, Summer, or even your wedding. I love it so much, I even got another bottle just in case, because I wouldnt want to run out!!!


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