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Commute Directions in Metro Manila using Sakay.PH App

Grab is too expensive, Angkas is on the rocks. Today, I’ll be sharing with you the best commute directions in Metro Manila using Sakay.PH App.

When I used to be a student, there was no smart phones yet. No google playstore, no apple app store. There were no programs or services available to make our travel any easier. It’s either you have your own car or take a cab. I remember trying to memorize all routes I needed to go to-from school. The train stations I drop off to, the sidecars I rode. Ah.. good times!

We’ve gotten too dependent on-call rides that have we forgetten the art of commuting?

SAKAY.PH APP (available on Google Playstore)

What is Sakay.PH? collects the best commuting data available and presents it to you in a way that’s simple, searchable and shareable. Transit directions in Metro Manila: Jeepneys, trains, buses P2P, UV express, shuttles, Pasig River Ferry, and more!

How to Use Sakay.PH?

  1. Type your current pin
  2. Enter your destination
  3. Select a route
  4. Start commuting!

You only need good reading comprehension + common sense + guts

15PHP via Commute VS 450 ng grab

Note: Suggestion lang to para makatulong. Everyone is free to choose what mode of transportation they prefer

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