Dr Strange in the MoM is delightfully dark! [spoiler-free movie review]


If you’re still thinking if youre going to the cinema or not, well this is a sign that you must! #drstrangeinthemultiverseofmadness is..

Best seen in IMAX

Must see in a BIG SCREEN

Its a super fun movie that will take you from jump scares, to funny moments and to all that feels.

Raimi was the perfect choice to direct this film as he brought his signature camp horror (still tasteful) in the movie. There were certain scenes it felt like it could be an extension of his earlier work in horror (Evil Dead) heeheeIt was a breath of fresh air to see camera angles and scene perspectives not seen in previous Marvel films and that only Raimi can serve.

Oh gosh the musical score!!!! It was terrifyingly magical! Danny Elfan and Raimi makes a chilling combination.

America Herrera (Xochtil Gomez) is a star! Literally and figuratively, and I cant wait to see more of her character fleshed out soon (a solo movie or series perhaps?) and of course Strange and Wanda with their best performance in the MCU yet! Im not going to give out too much but Im glad both stars finally got to be the center of attention.

Comic book fans will spot whole lotta easter eggs and oh my oh my! Wait for 1 mid-credit scene and 1 post-credit scene.

Will make you look forward to the future of the Marvel cinematic universe. Thank you Marvel, Disney, and Stratworks for the experience. Guys it’s TIME to go back and enjoy the movies on the BIG SCREEN (safely ✌️)


  • Joaquin Eli Bacod

    Waahhhh the best tlga ung mga ganitong movie . Lalo na marvels 😍❤️ gusto ko din ito mapanood with my 2 kids . Sure ako ma eenjoy nila ito 😍❤️

  • Rowena Callo Villareno

    Yay gusto ko din po yan mapanood and lalo na pag marvel siguradong maganda talaga lagi😍😍 depende na din po yan sa hilig natin movies 😍😍

  • Owen Ponce

    Ang totoo ,inaya ko na aking mister at ang buong team Ponce! The best part of Marvel comics in a wide screen!!! Exciting

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