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Sky Dining in Singapore: What to Expect

Singapore often stuns tourists and visitors with its glamorous and modern options. Whether you look at the modern high-tech architecture or the facilities, the city makes sure that the visitors remain stunned by the options available here. One such option that you will surely love about the city is the concept of sky dining. Whether you are a citizen of the city or you are coming up from some other country, the sky dining option is something that is going to allure everyone. 

The sky dining Singapore option is a perfect destination not just for family get-togethers but also for romantic getaways. 

Do you wish to celebrate a special occasion with your family and friends? Or, do you wish to surprise your better half with a stunning date amidst the sky? The sky dining option is the perfect thing in such a case. 

Sky Dining in Singapore: What to Expect

Now, when you are looking for the sky dining option, do not get confused because Singapore offers two major options in this category. One is the cable car sky dining while the other one is Singapore flyer dining. So, you can expect different options from both of them depending upon which one you are selecting for your dining experience. 

Singapore Flyer Dining

The Singapore Flyer dining is the first name that comes to mind when thinking of sky dining due to its sophisticated and fascinating services. It is known to be one of the very first sky dining experiences in the world. The luxurious experience is due to the capsule that is not just the location for your dinner but also takes 2 rotations in 2 hours’ time to offer you a spectacular view of Marina Bay during your dinner. 

The luxurious setup includes a personal assistant for your dinner and offers you a four-course meal. You can choose from different cuisines such as Western and Oriental. Also, you can opt for the option of Vegetarian in case you are vegan. Apart from this, you can also suggest special diets for which you need to notify the management in advance. 

Cable Car Dining

Another sky dining option in Singapore is cable car dining. The cable car serves dinner in a cabin that hangs about 100 meters above the ground level. The glass enclosures around the cable car offer a stunning panoramic view of the entire area. While you are spending 2.5 hours for the dinner, you can also enjoy the gorgeous sunset and also have a view of some of the elements of the city such as the Universal Studios and the Resort World Island. 

Similar to the Singapore Flyer dining, the cable car dining also offers you a four-course meal. But when you select the cuisine, the entire cable car interior is also decorated as per the selected cuisine. You can select from different options such as Sky-high bento, Champagne package, and Singapore flavours. 

Sky Dining Packages

When you have decided to go for the sky dining option, you need to check out the packages too so that you can select the best option that suits your budget. 

Singapore Flyers Singapore is a luxurious dinner setup that offers you sophisticated services and it costs around SGD 353 for a couple to enjoy dinner with such a spectacular view. On the other hand, cable car dining has several packages to select from. You can choose from different packages that range from SGD 65 to SGD 385. Another difference is that in the case of cable car dining, the package that you are selecting is for a family of four people where there are 2 adults and 2 children. 

Important Points for Sky Dining Booking

So, when there are two options for sky dining in the city, it may get quite confusing for you to choose the right one. Hence, there are some essential points that you can consider while booking your seats. ● The Location:

The very first thing to consider is the location of the sky dining. If you wish to have a glimpse of the skyline at Marina Bay, you should choose Singapore Flyers. But if you wish to enjoy the sunset and also a view of the Universal Studios, you should go for cable car dining. ● The Setup:

If you wish to have a luxurious setup, Singapore Flyers dining is the option that you need to select. It is also perfect for a romantic date with your partner. But if you are looking for family time within budget, cable car dining offers you exactly the best option in hand. ● Timing:

Cable car dining lets you enjoy your dinner in 2.5 hours and you have to accept the timing offered by them which is from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm. But if you wish for a bit of flexibility in the timing, you can consider Singapore Flyers as it offers two different time slots to choose from. You can either book a 7:00 pm or 8:30 pm slot according to your comfort. It is only that when you are coming to Singapore Flyers, you will get 2 hours for your dinner. 

Guest Numbers:

One of the major differences between the two options is the guests count. Singapore Flyer dining is mostly for a romantic setup, so it is mostly for a couple who can enjoy dinner with a stunning backdrop. But cable car dining is more about a family dinner. It offers the option of a family that consists of 2 elders and 2 children. 

But again in the case of Singapore Flyer dining, you can add up members to your dinner for which you need to pay SGD 176 extra per guest. 

Whether you are selecting Singapore Flyers dining or cable car dining for a sky dining experience, you need to make the bookings of the table online. You have to make sure to get the bookings done in advance to get a confirmation. Also, check properly before getting the bookings done online so that you can avail of different deals and discounts that go on from time to time to reduce the cost of your luxurious dinner amidst the sky.


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      Thank you for sharing complete Details momsh grabe ang ganda naman po ma experience ang makapunta ng Singapore and sympre ma experience makakain jan habang nakikita yung buong ganda ng paligid 🤩

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