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Gardenia Delicia Spread Review | Deliciously Delightful!


Food affects our mood tremendously. Eating something delicious can transform anyone from grumpy to happy! That’s why I’m excited to share with you Gardenia Delicia Spread. To be honest, that morning when we were supposed to shoot for the unboxing video. I was in a terrible, terrible mood. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Even while writing this post as of this moment, I am not my best. My son macho kid, is one of my saving grace. He helps me stay sane despite having a bipolar disorder.

Surprisingly, eating this yummy Gardenia Delicia spread with Geof instantly perked up my mood! Continue reading for our full review which also includes a taste-test video!

There are days when I’m too depressed to even move a muscle. I have to stay strong to support him. Being a macho mom is not only being physically fit, but mentally sane as well. Until hopefully macho kid he grows up to be a happy and delightful kid.

Gardenia Delicia Makes Macho Kid and Me Delighted!


I have my own set of happy distractions. Binge-watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and FOOD. One of our favorite bonding moments is having a food adventure. It’s when we try out different restaurants, dishes, or even random grocery goods like bread spreads.

Did you know that Gardenia does not only sell breads but also spreads too? The Gardenia Delicia! It comes in Hazelnut (SRP 99PHP)and Milky Chocolate Flavor (SRP 97PHP). Kaya Geof was so excited when he found out we’ll be doing an unboxing and taste-test. Do watch our video to also observe how I slowly transform from frustrated, to delighted.


Geof and I loved it so much! It’s so yummy! The Gardenia Delicia in Hazelnut boasts of quality! It’s not too “sweet”. The blend of hazelnut and chocolate is evident in both its aroma and taste.


So good we even made “papak” on the spoon! It’s also easy to spread I can already think of a hundred ways (okay I’m exagerating LOL) ways to serve it.


How We Eat Our Gardenia Delicia

  • Eat directly from a spoon
  • Dip a banana
  • Spread it on bread
  • Spread it on crackers
  • Spread it on muffin
  • Dip your potato chips (OOOH YEAH!)

Sometimes, the solution to woes of my emotions can be the simplest things. It’s seeing my child happy. He’s not getting any younger and I’m glad we get to have this keepsake to watch when he grows older. I hope he remembers his mom loved him, the best that she can.


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