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Sharing Fitness Tips and Quick Workouts for Mommies at Ritemed’s Tamang Alaga Day!

Pag may kailangang gamot, wag mahiyang magtanong. May RiteMED ba nito? I bet I tickled your earworms with the catchy jingle of RiteMED! Haha! My family always asks for RiteMED alternatives in drugstores whenever we buy our medicine. Why go for branded ones when you can get it for wayyyy cheaper. Now, more than just medicine. RiteMED organized a special day for moms like me. The RiteMED Tamang Alaga Day: Para Kay Nanay. It was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Ortigas last May 20, 2018. And guess what? Yours truly was not just invited. I was part of the program with co-mommy mars Camille Prats and mommy Denise who also shared mommy tips for the day. I was assigned a special Tamang Ehersisyo Booth complete with yoga mats to teach moms how they can workout effectively in less than 10 minutes! Yes, you heard that right!

Teaching the 7-Minute Workout at the Tamang Ehersisyo Booth


I was still recovering from my surgery wound but I love my readers so much that I didn’t want to disappoint them. Buti na lang #machokid was with me to assist on my workout sessions.


I taught 3 classes in total. I shared what vitamins I take for faster wound healing and recovery. Such as RiteMED’s Ascorbic Acid with Zinc tablet and Vitamin B Complex. Machokid also takes their Multivitamins+CGF syrup because I’m still hoping he’ll grow taller hahaha!

I wanted to impart my knowledge to my co-mommes that even if we’re tremendously busy, we shouldn’t neglect our bodies. We deserve to stay fit and happy. Even an exercise routine as quick as 7 minutes would do wonders to your health!

  • Boost immune system
  • Natural source of happy hormones AKA endorphines
  • Keeps weight in check
  • Helps cardiovascular health

and many more!

The best part of the event? MEETING A FEW OF MY READERS! (If you’re reading please tag me in your photo so I can add). I wasn’t able to take as much pictures as I wanted because this time around, I was the host and not the journalist ^_^

Thank you so much RiteMED for letting me be part of your very first Tamang Alaga Day and I hope to be part of it next year!


If anyone else is reading this, yes. I did enjoy talking in front of the crowd and sharing what I know! I’m open for more invites! Woohoo!

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