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HONEST REVIEW: Pyary Turmeric Soap

Wag ka tamarin Kaycee! Wag ka tamarin! (don’t be lazy). This is what I’ve been telling myself over and over after looking at all the product photos in my phone, and all the words in my head, but not turning them into articles.

Product: Pyary Turmeric Soap
Price: 60 pesos
Where to Buy? Lazada 

Admittedly, I haven’t been that occupied. Sure I have a regular day job, but I was busier 10 years before, and I was able to churn a blog post every day! Is it aging?

It’s like, I look at my blog and notice oh all my posts are either personal musings or paid postings (a girl’s gotta pay the bills you know?) but hey! Enough of this ramble. Let’s get rolling with a brand new spanking review, with a product that didn’t even work for me. Pyary Turmeric Soap.


Product Description

Pyary Soap Product Description
Pyary Soap Product Description

Pyary Ayurvedic Soap is made from pure coconut oil, herbal extracts like turmeric and natural aromatic essential oils. It retains all the glycerine formed during the processes and in its composition it is unique in containing the active ingredients of turmeric which is highly valued in the treatment of skin disorders in Indian indegenous system of medicine.

Turmeric is an effective antiseptic of nature and can be applied to sprains and wounds. It contains essential oil curcurmin oil and is an indespensible ingredient in certain skin preperations. Besides being used for external application turmeric is also administered internally as a stimulant in all sense it is an absolutely harmless ingredient.

The soap has superb lathering property and cleanses the skin very well.

A single trial will convince its cosmetic and antiseptic properties in maintaining good health care of the skin.



Pyary Ingredients
Pyary Ingredients

Coconut oil – 95%
Castor oil – 3%
Hydno Carpus Oil – 0.5%
Turmeric Extact – 1%
Cinnamomum Zeylanicum – 0.5%


How to Spot a Fake Pyary Soap


Pyary Turmeric Soap Review

Pyary Turmeric Soap 1


It comes in a green box decorated with leaves. The packaging feels premium for the price because the soap inside is wrapped in plastic and there’s a detailed information sheet included. The Turmeric soap comes in a light orange color (as seen in the photo above) while the Papaya soap, one of their other variants come in dark orange. 


Lathers well and rinses off easily. I do however noticed that it leaves my skin a bit too squeaky and dry afterwards. Not the most moisturizing soap.


I appreciate the fact that they disclose the percentage of ingredients for each bar of soap. I googled a bit on Turmeric and I discovered that it’s an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It can also help fade acne scars within 14 days of use, and it was even based on professional studies.


I wanted to like this so SO bad. I’ve read stellar reviews on how this made their skin clear, or fairer (not in colour but in how it’s less dull). Unfortunately, three days within using I started to itchy and red patches on my arms, legs, and even the underboob 🙁 While my facial skin felt “thinner” that applying regular toner feels stingy! Oh no.

As a heads up, I do not have sensitive skin. I consider mine pretty normal. However, maybe the combination, formulation, and ingredients doesn’t work well with mine. So it really depends, aka “hiyangan”. It’s a pretty cheap bar of soap at 60 pesos so no regrets. If this works for you, then you’re in luck! 

I do not know which exact ingredient I’m sensitive to, but it’s definitely not the coconut oil.

I suggest doing a patch test first so you don’t end up like me. Have you tried this soap? Did it work for you? Do you think I should give this another shot?




  • Owen Ponce

    This is what I’ve waiting for… Your honest feedback about this! Now it’s finally here! So much information about it, reliable and I know for a a fact ,you recommend what you think it’s best !

  • Carah Jung

    Good to know that you’ve been honest with your review with the products you actually use. I also don’t recommend products that I only heard from other people. It’s still good to try it for yourself first and give an honest feedback!! 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Jenny Labutap

    Mukang maganda po talaga itong Pyary Turmeric Soap 🥰 very recommended ang ganda ng benefits very honest review po talaga thanks for sharing po ☺️

  • Rowena Callo Villareno

    Thank you for sharing your honest review Ms.Kaycee. Loved to try this product. Such a great skin care products that’s awesome and truly effective.

  • Hyun Jang Nim

    I have sensitive skin, if this has adverse reactions on you perhaps this is not recommended for me. My skin easily flare up. I appreciate your honest review always

    • Peregrin

      I have really sensitive skin, in fact, I have skin asthma. On my neck, “talukap” ng mata, surrounding my lips. I’ve encountered this soap many moons ago and even got compliments na uy, nagpaderma ka a. But I stopped, Until about last Sunday, gave it another try. The stinging feeling is gone whenever i use it. I am on my 6th day of using it once a day, and it’s doing good for me. I also use Physiogel at night, if that helps.

  • Iya

    Hi! Ang daming nagsasabi na maganda nga daw ito, bakit di ko daw subukan kc acne-prone skin ako (oily & sensitive pa!). But when I saw the ingredients, 95% coconut oil… I remember na comodogenic ung coconut oil (meaning, nakaka-clog ng pores!) Kaya natakot ako. Pinipilit ako ng asawa ko, pero wag nalang. Thank you for your honest review. Buti na-encounter ko itong review mo.

    • Iya

      Maybe maganda ung turmeric, pero napakataas ng coconut oil content nya which is highly comedogenic (which can clog pores!) Hiyangan lang din siguro. Thanks for the review.

  • Justsimplyme

    Ive been using Pyary for almost a year now, and it’s really moisturizing my skin. Especially after I wake up in the morning, my skin feels moisturized and soft.
    My mom who has a dry skin swears of it making her skin soft and freckles are fading. I use it in my face and whole body and I’m glad I don’t have to have separate soap for my face. I’m really not that type who uses toner, etc..I just use soap and water and baby powder. Am not that high maintenance stuff kind of person. I’m lucky I came across this soap and lovin it!

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