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Personal Musings: Post-pandemic updates (sort of)

There are a LOT of stories to tell. Really. Since the whole COVID pandemic happened in 2019. We all had experienced our ups and downs (mostly downs), and if you’re reading this now, you are a survivor. The pandemic isn’t over yet, but we have seen positive signs of recovery. Majority of the population has been vaccinated, there are on-going research for future medications that will make the covid part of the “normal” flu shots. But I’m not here to write scientific or political updates. I’m just here to share my reflections and observations.

Like an itch that I’ve been dying to scratch, I wanted to write this personal musing since I returned going to Anytime Fitness Gym a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time that I wrote a public jeep in two years, sure it was allowed earlier but I wasn’t that confident in riding public transporation unless most of the people in the metro have been vaccinated.

I put my phones securely in my bag and only briefly put it out to take a second snapshot of the main photo above. Inhaling the marketplace-smell was intoxicating (really haha) and looking at the people who are thriving was both inspirational and heartbreaking. 

Sometimes I imagine, how were they able to survive months, years without regular work. Yet they’re still alive, smiling even despite all the turmoils we’ve experienced. 

The marketplace was alive! 

Vendors, consumers, of all ages. Interacting. Humanity. The malls are open again, kids are allowed to go outside. A funny, but nice thing, is that people are now allowed to travel to beaches like Boracay again. Kahit December weather na!

Businesses have adapted, with the way the package the food, the products. 

Delivery services like Grab, Foodpanda, Lazada, and Shopee kept the economy thriving and businesses breathing.

But of course we still wear masks for protection.

It was just a twenty minute ride, well two 10 minute rides. But I didn’t appreciate each second until just recently.

Two years ago, I asked myself (also wrote as a blog). What will happen? I was burdened with anxiety. Weeks that I couldn’t sleep. Each night worrying if I’ll still be alive, or will my loved ones be alive tomorrow?

Read: I don’t think it’s gonna get better anytime soon and I’m scared.

I asked a few questions, which I will try to answer some of em right now.

2020 Worries

2021 Updates

  1. We finally have vaccines, a lot. I lost a friend, I’m sure a lot of us has lost loved ones..
  2. I haven’t been watching the news too much, but it’s election season
  3. Still.
  4. Still.
  5. They’re finally free to drive and work! 
  6. The economy is.. recovering.
  7. Yup, HK is now part of China 
  8. Still
  9. Still 🙁
  10. OFWs are now going home to spend the Holidays 🙂
  11. Kids are still doing on-line classes, but face to face classes are being tested on some cities in the Metro like Pasig (woohoo Go Vico!)
  12. Surprisingly, we’re doing better than some countries. We’re like the turtle.. slow to start but finishing to win
  13. I now have one full-time job, as a writer, which I’m super enjoying and grateful for
  14. I’m with my grandparents yey! And they’ve been vaccinated!
  15. No more nosey neigbours
  16. It’s almost over
  17. Praying so hard for the upcoming elections
  18. Still.
  19. I have more will to live
  20. I have a better sleep cycle now, I also had myself checked with a psychiatrist and taking therapy and medications.

Ang dami ko pang gusto sabihin, pero kulang ang isang pahina. Iniisip ko din tong blog ko (wow nag tagalog na). Pakiramdam ko napapabayaan ko na sya simula noong nagkaron ako ng full-time job. As a writer, pagod na kasi ako magsulat at the end of the day kaya sabaw na pagdating sa blog.

Hoping to write more reviews again soon 🙂



  • Owen Ponce

    Really appreciate it! From your own experiences and real stories on how we face each phase of our lives,this pandemic situation

  • Hyun Jang Nim

    Thanks for sharing this. I like that you answered some of your questions too. I enjoyed reading this para lang casual talk.

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