How Community Helped Me Navigate Motherhood

How Community Helped Me Navigate Motherhood

Motherhood is a journey of challenges, from ensuring your child is healthy and happy to balancing work and family life. It’s no wonder many moms feel pressured to be perfect and do it all. As a solo parent and working mom, I know firsthand how overwhelming this can be.

But the truth is, being a perfect mom is impossible. Every mother has her strengths and weaknesses. I struggle with household chores and managing my time, but I’ve learned that it’s okay to ask for help—in fact, it’s essential.

One of my best sources of support has been the more experienced women in my community. These women have been through it all and have a wealth of knowledge and experience I can tap into. Whether it’s advice on shopping or tips for managing a busy schedule, they always have something helpful to share.

One of the ways I’ve connected with these women is through online communities. So many groups on Facebook and other social media platforms (like Madiskarte Moms!) are dedicated to supporting moms. These groups provide a safe space where I can ask questions, share my struggles, and get advice from other moms who have been there.

But I’ve also found that the support I need is closer than I think. My mother, siblings, aunt (mama2) and grandmother have been invaluable sources of wisdom and love. They’re there when I’m not feeling my best or to boost my confidence.

It’s important to recognise the power of peer support this Mother’s Day. We don’t have to do it all alone. By tapping into the wisdom and experience of other moms, we can be better mothers ourselves.

So, to all the moms out there: don’t be afraid to ask for help, and don’t forget to lean on the women in your life who have been there before. Just like how PLDT home is as reliable for people, especially moms, to connect, support, and empower.

Watch the inspiring video from PLDT Home


  • Apart Cy

    We are Not a perfect Mom but we are The best Mom to our Kids
    Ang daming mga bagay at pagsubok na ating kinakaya !!!
    And the PLDT HOME MOTHER’S video
    Nagagandahan talaga ako sa Video Nito
    At truly nakakainspire sa bawat Ina Or isa sa atin 💖

  • SG Coronel

    Yes mii relate much po aq..tama ka po hindi tayo perpekto may mga kahinaan.. dumaan na rin aq sa mapanganib na panganganak ..wala na aq ina.. at kahit mother in law wala na rin.. pero blessed pa rin aq kasi lagi anjan ang sister in law q at sa asawa nia…. tinulungan kmi mula financial.. at pag aalaga sa mga anak. Ko . napakaimportante ng support system..

  • Lizel Purcia

    Yes relate mie hindi man tayo perpektong magulang ang mahalaga maiparamdam natin sating mga anak na lahat gagawin natin para sa kanila

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