How to find a time for an exercise as a mom

Pregnancy and motherhood are often times when most women stop exercising. The reason is not only caring for children but also the fact that you feel permanently tired or have more important things to do. Even so, it is important to pay attention to yourself as everyone or anything else.

Moms usually do not realize that even a walk with a child in a stroller is an exercise, and yet you will find time for that. In addition to the classic workout with a trainer in the gym, you can now exercise at home with the help of videos on Youtube. Even just 10 minutes of exercise is better than nothing. And you’ll find you have renewed energy for yourself and your baby.


The easiest and also very effective way to exercise. No wonder doctors recommend 10K steps a day. Get your baby in the stroller, change to an exercise outfit, and go for a short walk. Also, you get fresh air into your lungs and your baby sleeps beautifully. If you are not a fan of walks, you can even run with a stroller. Buy a stroller adapted for running. If the child is already sitting and not sleeping that much, take him in a backpack and go for a hike.

Workout video

Being a mother means being very lucky but also having little time for self. It is no longer possible to have a 40 or 60-minute exercise with a baby. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising and you’ll never find time for it again. Today, youtube is full of countless 10-minute exercise videos. Choose the ones that you like best. Maybe after trying one video, you will find that you have the time and desire to try another.

Combine playtime and exercise

If your child is older and no longer sleeps so much, then it’s time to combine pleasant with useful. Teach your baby that when you exercise, then it’s time for him to play alone. Set up an exercise spot near his play area to keep an eye on him, or use the Annie Baby Monitor app. Thanks to this app, your child will be able to play alone in the room and you will be able to enjoy your exercises alone in peace. You will teach your child independence and at the same time, you will not lose your child from sight.

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Find babysitting

Have your partner or another babysitter watch the baby for 30 minutes so you can get your coveted exercise in.

If your partner has no time when you need to and you do not feel like babysitting from a stranger, do not force yourself and your child into it. Anyway, you wouldn’t enjoy your free time as much. Wait for the right moment to come. You can try baby app monitor that will keep your baby on sight while you enjoy your exercise. 

How does the baby monitor app work?  Annie Baby Monitor is a mobile app for baby monitoring. It was created for parents by parents who were struggling. The app is easy to use. Everyone can handle it, even grandparents. Make sure you have two devices ready (e.g. smartphone, tablet, laptop, Apple watch). No need to buy any special equipment, use the devices you already have at home. 

Go to App Store or Google Play and download the app on both devices. One device is a parent unit and the other is a child unit. Pair the devices and monitoring can begin! 

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