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Our Quick Brunch at Single Origin Cafe (Vertis North)

I should be blogging the cafes and restaurants I’ve been visiting more often. I used to, then I thought to myself, why should I labor on something that I should just enjoy? Like eating. Why should we take photos before we taste the food? Does it not ruin the experience?

That’s what I used to think. But recently, I realized, that we’re not taking the snapshots for the heck of it. Photos are taken for making the special moments as memories, even if it’s as simple as enjoying a sandwich.

A few weeks ago Ryan and I had brunch at Single Origin Cafe at Vertis North. It was fairly new at the place, and we loved Vertis because it’s always uncrowded even during holidays. Brunch, is my favorite meal of the day. You get both the sweet, the savory, and the coffee. HeHe.

Despite being just a cafe, they actually have an extensive menu. From sandwiches, rice plates, and woah did you see that roasted bone marrow with chips? We skipped that one though! Didn’t want to get dizzy lol. We settled for simple favorites. Can you guess what?

Yes. Ryan and I ordered the same thick cut bacon, omelette, and garlic toast plate. It comes with a side salad too. The bread was the star of this dish! It was thick, fluffy, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, with just the right amount of butter and garlic on each side. The bacon -ironically- was too fatty for my tastes. While the egg was just okay. Both of us finished everything though! So filling!

However… there’s always room for dessert! And we shared this HK French Toast. It’s french toast with peanut butter and condensed milk filling with maple syrup on the side. Ryan thought it would be too sweet and heavy and “nakaka-umay” because the serving was huge! But it wasnt. We had a slice each, and filled and satisfied our tummies just right. Maybe because the peanutbutter they used was the unsweetened kind, and they put a light amount of condensed milk.

It was soooooooo fluffy but not mushy. Their french toast was perfect and I highly recommend this to cap of your meal!

Overall, we enjoyed dining at Single Origin and we’ll definitely visit here again. Maybe to try their true specialy next time – the coffee. Hehe.



      For Me momsh natakam ako sa mga foods nila from breakfats to literal na pang dinner ang sasarap po and very special yung savory nila im sure na malasa ito.Yung kape masarap din.Kaya naman highly recommended this resto for thise who eant to try their menu and foods.Order ng marami para di mabitin☺️🫶🏻

  • SG Coronel

    Beautiful blog.. hindi lng aq ntakam sa mga pagkain.. kundi nagkaroon aq ng realization in capturing photo.. hindi lng dahil sa masarap ung food just for socmed but instead .. capturing photo it means you want to treasure or to keep that precious and quality time with someone either it’s a family,, friend or love one’s.

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