How to Invest in the Philippine Stock Market
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HOW TO: Invest in the Philippine Stock Market (for beginners)

My name is Kaycee aka The Macho Mom and I’ve been actively trading in the PSE for 12++ years now. All knowledge I will share with you is based on experience, reading, and trainings I’ve attended. All of those gave me information overload! But thanks to my hyperactive brain I was able to process everything somehow. My job now is to make this information easy to digest for everyone.

I entered the stock market because I want to be financially diverse. Make passive income/savings without exerting too much effort (kasi I’m too tamad to start up my own business and I prefer working alone)


Quick Background

I’ve been receiving a lot of requests from my friends and followers on “How do I start investing in the Philippine Stock Market?“.  So I decided to create an easy-to-follow almost spoonfed guide on how. I understand how frustrating it may feel whenever you think about investing on the stock market but have 0% knowledge or background. Don’t worry. I’m just like you 8 years ago. That’s why I want to share what I know to help! Will also share some tips on trading.

This post is for you if you:

  • Have zero knowledge about stocks and investing in Philippines Stocks Exchange
  • Want your savings to flourish with more interests vs an ordinary bank savings account
  • Own total control on investments

Ready? Let’s start






The minimum amount to open an account in Citisec Online (my favorite broker) is 5,000php. But that doesn’t give you much because that type of account is more of like a mutual funds than an actual trading account where you can have lots of fun looking at charts, numbers, and chismis on businesses.


As of date, you need at least 25,000php to open a trading account. You can start up with more if you can throw away that much. Why do I use the term throw? Because baby the stock market isn’t some magical entity where you put your money and it will multiply like Jesus multiplies fish and bread. It’s not magic. So trading needs strategy and luck. There will be times you will lose. Especially during the beginning when you’re just getting the hang of things. Trading is like safer gambling. But still gambling. That’s why invest what you don’t need.



There’s a trading interface from BPI, Metrobank, etc. But the EASIEST and has one of the best user-friendly systems around hails from Citisec Online. I tried BPI first but their system is confusing to use, so after reading more reviews I opened an account in Citisec Online.

How to Open an Account? Go to COLFINANCIAL.COM to open an account

  1. Choose your account type
  2. Fill out the necessary forms and submit it to COL Financial’s business center
      • Customer Account Information Form (CAIF)
      • Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)
      • Please submit documents to: COL Financial Business Center 2403B East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Rd. Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605 Philippines
  3. Submit a photocopy of (1) valid ID issued by the Philippine Government


      • Passport
      • Philippine Driver’s License
      • SSS ID (1999 credit card type only)
      • GSIS ecard plus
      • Professional Regulation Commision (PRC) ID
      • Comelec Voter’s ID
      • For In-Trust-For Accounts: Birth Certificate of the beneficiary/child

* For foreign citizens, please contact our Customer Support at [email protected] or call our hotline at +632 6-515-888 for details of requirements needed.

  • Fund your account

Minimum Portfolio Balance: P5,000 for Starter
P25,000 for Regular
P1,000,000 for Premium

Funding Options

Online Banking via Merchant Payment

Over-the-Counter via Merchant Payment

    • Bank of the Philippine Islands
    • Banco de Oro
    • Metrobank



Since I am not a fan of re-inventing the wheel. I scoured the internet to find the best and easiest guide for you to understand the basics of trading in the Philippine Stock Market in Citisec. So go watch this video to learn!




  1. If you’re starting out. Start buying blue chips muna. What are bluechips? These are tried/tested companies with the lowest possibility of going bankrupt in the next 25 years. A blue chip is stock in a corporation with a national reputation for quality, reliability, and the ability to operate profitably in good times and bad.
    • Examples: SM, PLDT, Jolibee, Ayala, etc.
  2. Subscribe to PSE groups on facebook. SUPER DAMI. Pero take care of the information overload and my next tip. Search nyo lang “Philippine Stock Exchange” or “Stock Trading”. Madami lalabas. Seek and you will find.
  3. Don’t get easily swayed by hype or chismis. Analyze the charts. What are the pattern of it’s growth. Steadily going upwards? Going down? Is the company targeting more investors? Are they expanding? There are a lot of factors to consider before choosing where you place your money. Choose wisely.
  4. Follow your gut. It’s skill + luck. But sometimes just like love you have to follow what your instincts is telling you.
  5. READ READ READ. I am not a stock trading expert. I just want to help those starting out! Read the business section of your newspaper and also watch those stock market shows even if it’s a snoozefest most of the time LOL

Hope you learned something from this! Glad to be of help. Questions? Leave a comment below and I’ll try to look for the answer for you HAHAHAHAH!



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