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Lolo and His Frank Sinatra Concert Memory – Quick Story

I need to write this down to get this story out of my mind. It keeps on running. This is a true story by the way. Kwento ng lolo ko paguwi nila from the concert.
I forgot what year it was pero nag concert si Frank Sinatra dito sa Pilipinas. My lolo is a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE fan. So nung nalaman nya, inaya nya kaagad si lola to go there. Unfortunately, hindi sila nakabili ng ticket (not sure kung sold out, or wala silang budget)
Pero lolo and lola were happy to sit outside the theater (kasi dinig yung music sa labas). So while sitting outside, nakasalubong ni lolo yung friend nya, who had extra tickets (Lower A pa ata)
So in the end.. nakapasok sila ni lola sa loob.. and they enjoyed the concert. Lolo wa so happy. So happy na nilagay nya sa photo album yung 2 tickets sa concert ni Frank Sinatra.
I dont know kung nasaan na yung photo albums.. Im also not sure if my story is 100% accurate kasi I’m just recalling this by memory.

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