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Being Bipolar: I no longer work in my bedroom (and tips to help you sleep)

The past few weeks have been challenging for me. I haven’t slept straight, or even have a full night’s sleep. There are even instances where I had zero sleep, consecutively for three days. 

Do you know how it feels when, you lie down at 9 PM, close your eyes by 10 PM, and then after “feeling you’re not sleeping at all” check the time and holy fuck it’s already 3 AM?

Your body’s tired but your mind is restless.

That has been my scenario for the past few weeks; I’m literally sick of it.

By 4 AM I sent my psychiatrist a message of desperation. “HELP” I pleaded.

So after our long session with me crying for bits, she prescribed me a temporary set of medications that I need to take for 2 weeks to “reset” my brain on sleep. Aside from that, she gave me a few tips to help my bipolar brain sleep.

Tips to help you sleep

#1 Stop working in the bedroom

If you don’t know yet, I work at home. I’m not a freelancer because I have a regular “day job” besides my blogs and being a top influencer in the Philippines (chos!). But yes most of the time I’m just at home, and work in my bedroom. 

“This has to stop,” said my doctor. “Your brain thinks bed and work are the same things, so it can get confused when work stops and sleep should begin”

It’s all cool. Now I’m working in the living room area, or sometimes in coffee shops while Geof is at school.

#2 Control the caffeine

My psychiatrist also advised me to “limit” my caffeine intake and if possible, no coffee after 12 noon. Take decaf if I can. *there goes my caffeine life*

#3 Limit the sugar

Aside from my caffeine addiction, I also have a sweet tooth. I cannot, not have dessert after every meal. It started when I was young. I remember not drinking regular milk even as a child, and I would only drink chocolate. My doctor told me to limit my sugar consumption, and if I wanted dessert, I could only have some during lunchtime.

Where art thou sleep?

Today marks my second week of taking the temporary prescription meds. Different from my maintenance which is Tegretol. I’m feeling a bit anxious if I can naturally sleep without them, but here’s me hoping for the best. I hope you get a good night’s rest too.







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