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Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream 23 Review | A Good Ol Classic

I don’t think I’ll tire of using BB Creams. They’ve been here in the beauty industry for almost 20 years now and a staple part of my makeup kit. They’re called BB for a reason. BB stands for Blemish Balm. Created to conceal imperfections while healing them. That’s what makes them stand-out from other bases like ordinary foundations. 

They have coverage and additional skincare benefits. Today we’re going to review one of the oldest BB Cream in the market, the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #23 (Price: 660php at Althea Korea)


Product Description

Originally developed as a salve for patients after laser treatments, it’s safe to say that BB creams have come a long way (especially when the first wave left a lot to be desired in the coverage department).

Missha’s Perfect Cover BB Cream gives you the best of both worlds with a nourishing formula that protects and moisturizes the skin while offering full coverage and a smooth finish. No wonder this beauty is loved by many and has sold over 30 million pieces worldwide!


Key Ingredients

Hydrolyzed collagen – Plumps up the layers of the skin and helps to lessen signs of aging 

Arbutin – Naturally lightens and brightens the skin, removing dark spots too 

Adenosine -Energizes the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 

Jojoba oil – Moisturizes and creates a protective barrier to balance out the hydration level


Photos & Swatches



Packaging – Standard tube that’s thick and sturdy, with a pump and secure cap. The maroon color makes it attractive to the more mature ladies like me hehe

Coverage – I’d say this is very buildable. Depending on how much you layer on. On the before & after photo above I put 2 layers and it was able to give me medium coverage. Light-Heavy Coverage. It can conceal acne and dark marks if you pat on a thicker layer. I don’t recommend more than 3 as it can cake and crease.

Texture – Thick but easy to blend. I did not experience any tugs or struggle.

Scent – Light powder. I like it.

Longevity – It only starts to fade by the 6th hour, and can crease if you don’t set it with a good finishing powder. I only retouch some areas and not my entire face.

Final Thoughts – I feel like besides the beautiful airbrushed coverage this gives, it really has skincare benefits. I wasn’t using any other moisturizer or sunblock during this period and a few spots on my chin dries up faster than usual. 

When I remove my makeup, my skin looks refreshed and not tired. Compared to using regular foundations that makes my skin unable to breathe. 

I love it and would gladly repurchase!


  • Charm Jumalon

    Naka-try ako ng sample size nito and I also loved its effect. Super ganda ng coverage and it did not emphasize the dry areas on my face. Kung sana mas mura lang to, ito na ang lagi ko gagamitin para always looking fresh pag lumalabas! ^-^

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