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My obsession with perfume decants and my favourite scents this summer

Hello guys! Today I’ll be sharing with you a few of my favourite fragrances for summer aka HOT and HUMID weather. We still want to smell good, but some perfumes just doesn’t mesh well with sweat. The best ones are those with fresh and citrus notes, a bit of florals or musks even but please I’m saying no to spice this time.

There’s something about taking a whiff on your wrist, smell the perfume, and you immedieatly transport to another place (mentally). It can be a memory, a place, or a person. Scents are simply signature of something here on earth. 

I love perfumes, I love collecting them, but real talk, I cannot empty hundreds of 100ml bottles each year, and working for Viable Earth (an eco-friendly website), has turned me semi-sustainable. I’m considering how much of a waste it would be if all those perfume juices just rot and expire in their bottles.

Ze solution? Perfume sampling and decants

There are a few sellers on-line that sells authentic perfume samples from niche fragrance labels, and some even decant it to budget-friendly sizes. This makes me feel giddy because it allows me to collect a lot of scents without spending too much, and fewer waste. (Sharing a couple of stores at the end of this post!)

Take a look at my “collection”. Plus a quick summarized review of each. I usually base of Fragantica‘s website to check for feedback before I purchase a bottle (yes, even a sample)

Mini perfume collection
Mini perfume collection

And because it’s summertime, but it’s always hot and humid in the Philippines anyway, I’m sharing you a few scents below that I’ve been obsessed with lately!


My favourite scents for summer

Tartine et Chocolat

Tartine et Chocolat
Tartine et Chocolat

Thoughts: All I can imagine when wearing this is you’ll smell like a fresh innocent baby! We all know that babies don’t smell like lemons, but there’s something with this scent that makes you feel like one. It has a decent staying power but low sillage. It’s not so expensive compared to other perfumes so you won’t mind spraying this throughout the day. Tartine also reminds me of ice cold lemon popsicles you cravee for during summer.

Fleur de Peau

Fleur de Peau
Fleur de Peau

Thoughts: I got this out of a whim because too many tita’s are raving this on-line. I was disappointed with the first Diptyque that I got (Phylosikos) , which smells too much of plastic, grass, and sweet wood that it made me nauseaus. Fleur de Peau, however, makes you smell like you just lied down on satin sheets, and lathered lotion all over your body. Soft, powdery, florals. The bergamot keeps the scent from being flat, and the combination of all the bases makes this a subtle, sexy skin scent thats great for summer because it’s so light and airy! Perfect for work, brunch with amigas or business meetings.



Thoughts: All I can think about is this is a mature lady’s version of Tartine et Chocolat. A burst of citruses that doesn’t make you smell like the bathroom. While the musk, moss, and mallow elavates this scent beyond smelling like a baby. It’s youthful but not naivete. Never offensive, but still powerful. It lasts the whole day!!!! Unfortunately, it’s the priciest of the bunch and it’s hard to get a hold of a bottle. It’s also weird that it doesn’t have any reviews on Fragantica. One of my favorites and deserves more credit.

Penhaligon Luna

Penhaligon Luna
Penhaligon Luna

Thoughts: It’s pretty sharp during the initial spray, but give it a few minutes to settle down and it leaves you with whiffs of sweet oranges and fresh roses. It’s an elegant fragrance that makes you feel and smell like a princess. Delicate and ethereal. I might get a full bottle of this. Apt to its name, I can imagine Sailor Moon (Princess Luna) wearing this.


Here are a few legit stores where you can get perfume minis and decants!

What are your favorite scents? Do you have a signature fragrance?


  • Joaquin Eli Bacod

    Wow npaka gaganda nmn ng mga scents ng perfume na to . Daming choices and perfect perfume ngayong summer . Ganda pa ng bottle niya ang sosyal 😍 must have kahit isa lang sa mga ito 😁❤️

  • Owen Ponce

    I know you loved perfume! Different scent that really matters, there are many instances that you’ve been vocal about it

  • Rowena Callo Villareno

    Yay ang ganda naman po ng packaging niyan momsh lakas maka sosyal perfect gift ideas na din po sa loved ones natin

    • CharLene

      I agree na may mga perfumes na di bagay sa humid or hot weather. As for me, I like musk and citrus scents too. Not a fan of spice perfumes.

  • Hyun Jang Nim

    I love your perfumes. Pinagusto ko yun scent na parang baby. Cool lang. Pati yun floral scent ng fleur de peau preferred ko din

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