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Nivea White and Firm Serium CoQ10 Review

Hi guys, today we’ll be reviewing a saviour for dark armpits. Special thank you to one of my followers who recommended Nivea White and Firm Serum CoQ10 for me to try! But first, a quick story: If you’ve been following me on instagram (@themachomom), you would know the story where my usually white and smooth underarms turned dark and rough because of trying out an infamous brand of deodorant. I hated it so much that I threw it in the dumpster:

Disclaimer: This is solely based on my personal experience.


Nivea White and Firm Serum CoQ10

NIVEA White & Firm Q10 Deo Serum is the 1st DEO Serum in the Philippines that effectively whitens, smoothens and firms skin. It contains Q10 that reduces wrinkles and firms up loose underarm skin leaving a whiter, smoother, tighter and deeply nourished underarms: NIVEA WHITE & FIRM Q10 SERUM DEO ROLL-ON.

  • Whitens and firms up underarm skin with Q10
  • Provides quick absorption for deeply nourished skin
  • 48hr anti-perspirant protection
  • Skin tolerance dermatologically proven
  • 0% alcohol, colorants, or preservatives
  • Price:
  • Where to buy? Watsons, Mercury Drug, SM Beauty, Leading Supermarkets and Drugstores, Lazada, Shopee



Please disregard the black spots on my underarms, as I’ve mentioned on my Youtube Video on Underarms, this is caused by a cyst underneath that over produces oil, causing clogging. This is easily removed by exfoliation. 

It comes in a glass bottle with a beautiful pink holographic design. What’s surprising is, I dropped it a few times on hard cement and it didn’t break LOL. I’m very particular when it comes to roll-on because some balls (haha!) tugs and doesn’t distribute the product evenly. Especially some local brands. Nivea’s CoQ10 ball glides well and the texture of the product is serum-like. Imagine a serum that you usually apply on your face. That’s how it feels. Nourishing.

The scent? Mild powder floral, that fades in a few minutes. Barely noticeable. I dont like deos with strong scents because it overpowers my perfume. So that’s another plus for Nivea

Now for the part you’ve been waiting for. Does it lighten the underarms? Does it make it firmer? Yes and yes. It took only 2 weeks. YES. For me to see visible results and I’m sure you will too. It lightened the dark damage I got from my previous deodorant and even got rid of the sagging lines.

However, it didn’t help with my underarm pore cloggage 🙁 (my derma suggested surgery but nahhhh I can live with this) Oh and another tip: I don’t use deodorant everyday anymore. Only when I go out on business meetings, events, or dates. When I’m just staying at home, I leave it as is. This can let our armpit skin breathe and clear.

There you have it! I love writing reviews on things I love so I hoped you guys liked this one. Thank you for visiting my blog and see you again soon! Let me know what you’d like me to review next 😉

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