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Aji Savor on Rice – Kanin pa lang ulam na!

Gusto ko mag hoard tbh. Masarap talaga sya guys. Ito yung legit na kanin pa lang ulam na! Aji Savor on Rice! 5php lang! No-cook. Simply sprinkle on rice (hot or cool) Perfect sa mga tamad magluto kagaya ko or wants to add more excitement to their meals.

Comes in tasty beef or yummy chicken, made with umami and nutritious ingredients like malunggay and toasted sesame seeds. Each serving also has 385mg of Calcium!


Inspired by Japanese Furikake, this product contains a blend of ready-to-eat dried umami food ingredients, like:

  • malunggay leaves
  • toasted sesame seeds
  • meaty beef or chicken flavored granules

Each pack can be conveniently sprinkled and mixed in a cup of rice.

Kuya “Omurice” Sawa, a Japanese who went viral for selling omurice or fried rice omelette to help street children, was invited to co-host the event. 

Young celebrity endorsers, Chunsa Jung, Sophia Reola and Marco Masa are present during the JPOP and Kyaraben (Character Bento) Party organized by Ajinomoto. They led everyone to dance to the beat of the new AJI SAVOR™ jingle featured in the product’s TV Commercial. The jingle made use of the catchy PPAP (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen) tune popularized by Japanese comedian Daimaou Kosaka.

Geof and I had so much fun on the Kyaraben boxed-lunch making activity!


For more information about AJI SAVOR™, please visit and


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