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On Social Media Burnouts and What it Means to Go “Freelance”

Cried myself to sleep last night. I can hustle alright. I can work. My mind can do a hell of a lot of things lalo na when manic. Pero doing so encloses me in a shell na I’m starting to neglect the people I love the most. Especially Geof.

With my fear of losing any means to support his future financially, I work and work and work and work non-stop.


Time management issues? Maybe.

So yeah this is a start.

As a single mom and breadwinner of the family, I have to make sure may earnings for expenses,savings,etc. Being a freelancer, I have this mindset that I have to grab every opportunity that comes my way. 

It’s taking its toll on my mental and emotional well-being.


Effortlessly Hustling – Is It Really Possible?

It’s possible alright. I can hustle non-stop. I’m just worried about the people around me. I might lose them because I barely have time for them. I’m there but not really. Looking down on my phone. Checking for engagements, replying to emails, following up on payments, completing deadlines. 

The real work is trying to look effortless when you’re really not. Content creators do hell of a lot of work. In different aspects depending on the range of their skill set.

  • Modelling
  • Taking Photos
  • Shooting Videos
  • Editing
  • Writing
  • Social Media Management
  • Promotion/Marketing

Some people think it’s that easy. It’s not. We just make it seem like it is.

I thought going freelance would set me free from the 9/5 job. It’s worse. It turned into a 24/7 job. It’s easy for others to say “Time management lang yan!” To someone like me who’s going on rapid cycles (I’m bipolar-2), my mind is full of noise and just won’t shutdown even if I wanted to. It wants to accomplish so much.


A Feasible Solution

I promised myself that despite being “freelance” I’ll still keep my regular working hours. Back to a 4-day 9am-4pm work week. All business communication, everything would be in that time.

“Going freelance has its perks yes. Pero it’s not all glitz & glam. Sometimes the real effort is trying to look effortless doing it all.”

Everything should have limits. What’s your take?

#freelancer hindi #freelangsir

Kausap ko lang sarili ko. Posting so I wont forget.


  • Jeanette

    Taas kamay talaga ako sa mga single mom, kase ako nga may asawa na eh nahihirapan pa. Paano pa kaya ang mga single mom na full responsibility nila ang lahat na wala sila kaagapay kundi ang sarili lang nila.
    Tama lang yan ate na bigyan mo nang oras ang sarili at pamilya mo. Minsan kase sa sobrang pagmamahal natin sa pamilya natin hinde na natin naiisip kung anu makakasama sa sarili natin.
    Yung iba kala nila madali lang lahat pero in reality mahirap talaga pero kakayanin! ?

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