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    Am I a bad mom?

    “Can we try again tomorrow?”. Those were the last words I said to Geof before we went to sleep. A few hours earlier I had another meltdown, and like always, he was the one who had to carry the burden of my rage. Thank God I didn’t hit him physically. But muttering words like: I’m too tired I’m not a good mom, you’re better off with your dad I want to give up ..is not healthy for a young child like him. My Mood Swings’ Impact to his Mental Health It’s not healthy. For a 9 year old to have a mom who’s diagnose with bipolar-2 and get swings of…

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    Should I Start a Blog? – Macho Mail #1

    A good client, and friend of mine suggested that my branding has so much potential but I need consistency. I never follow a schedule and my content seems to sprout out of nowhere. Gave him an excuse that it’s part of my “charm” but then it hit me. I started this blog as an outlet for myself, but as millions of readers get to visit this everyday it’s also my responsibility to publish quality content on a regular basis. So today we’ll move forward with the first first ever! I’ll be answering YOUR burning questions WEEKLY!  Macho Mail #1 – Should I Start a Blog? Our very first picked letter…

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    MABE Personal Refrigerator and Tips to keep it Running Efficiently

    Okay guys. It’s been officially over a month since macho kid and I moved into a new apartment. We’re finally out from living with my mom and life as an independent family (mother and son tandem hehe)     Along with moving out, is arriving to a bare space. Our new home wasn’t furnished at all and we need to fill in the essential furniture and appliances so it’s live-able. My top priorities? Bed, stove, cabinets, microwave oven, and a refrigerator.   The last one is a MUST because everyone needs a ref to keep their leftovers, packed meals, jop’s fresh milk and such.    What do I look for…

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    On Social Media Burnouts and What it Means to Go “Freelance”

    Cried myself to sleep last night. I can hustle alright. I can work. My mind can do a hell of a lot of things lalo na when manic. Pero doing so encloses me in a shell na I’m starting to neglect the people I love the most. Especially Geof. With my fear of losing any means to support his future financially, I work and work and work and work non-stop.   Time management issues? Maybe. So yeah this is a start. As a single mom and breadwinner of the family, I have to make sure may earnings for expenses,savings,etc. Being a freelancer, I have this mindset that I have to…

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    Hello World! Happy Mother’s Day! Hello Macho Mom!

    I have to reward myself a gift of writing a personal musing on the very first post on my new website The Macho Mom. It has been long over-due and I’ve been thinking about it A LOT!  If not for the google penalization of my beloved kikaysikat.com, I wouldn’t felt so desperate enough to create another domain because I feel like an octopus who’s lost its tentacle and it needs to regrow another one.   As you all know, KIKAYSIKAT has been my baby for 10 years now. It started out as just a beauty blog where I write my reviews and thoughts on certain products. It also grew a cult…

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    Being Bipolar: 5 Things I Do to Cope During a Manic Episode (Mania)

    Hi I’m Kaycee, 30 (well turning 31 soon) and “suffering” from bipolar disorder. I was professionally diagnosed when I was 21 but the doctor told me I probably had this ever since. Bipolar disorder is genetic and can be triggered (activated) through trauma or a really shitty childhood. Today is actually a celebration. Shifting from my previous depressive semi-suicidal episodes, I am now in MANIA O_O. I was planning to just write about how I exhaust myself till I burn out from work to waste all this excess energy. But look, I jotted down 5 things I do to cope with Mania Shout out to Project Vanity for their 10th…

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