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Prada 3 Piece Set Fragrance Collection Review

I first got a whiff of Prada Candy thanks to a freebie sample from a makeup seller on-line. It was perfect timing because I was looking for a new signature perfume? Why? Because fragrances connect me to memories, and in moving on I’d like to forget (naks).

Fragrances & Memories

When we went to Singapore last year, I wanted to purchase a souvenir. Not just any random souvenir, but something to save that memory and beyond. A perfume. Scents are CHEAP in airports with lots of deals and gifts sets. So when I spotted the Prada Candy Gift Set for 95sgd (Set of 3 Scents), I never let go.

Prada Candy Gift Set Description

prada candy kiss eau de parfum & Prada candy eau de parfum &  prada candy florale edt. Launched by the design house of Prada. this scent has a blend of white musk’s, benzoin, caramel, citrus, oriental florals notes.


Prada Candy

Sophisticated, strong, yet sweet.

Description:  Launched in 2011. The composition includes an elegant mix of musks in the top, a sensual balsamic vanillic accord of benzoin in the heart and sweet modern caramel in the base of the fragrance.

My thoughts: My current signature fragrance. I’ve always loved vanilla and musks individually. But on perfumes, most “sweet” ones are too cloying and give me headaches. When I first tried this on, I wanted to take my sweet sweet time, allowing all the notes to develop. At first spray it might surprise you with strong caramels. The benzoin did a great job in fusing all notes together. I didn’t notice the musk until everything sunk with the base.

If you’re not familiar yet, benzoin is a close-to-skin perfume ingredient that when used on its own, gives off a unique scent depending on the wearer.

Prada Candy Kiss Review

Childish, sweet, and playful.

Description: Launched in 2015. Prada Candy Kiss channels the addictive nature of the Candy composition and enhances its characteristic scent of musk. Inspired by obsession and repetition, Prada Candy Kiss is designed to re-activate emotions and impressions. It evolved from the idea of creating a loop of sensations out of a single signature note wrapped around the body. Musk in its signature purity is omnipresent in the composition; from the upper notes to the base. It evolves delicate white cotton in a sensual fragrant cloud, enriched with uplifting notes of vanilla and orange blossom.

My thoughts: My second favorite! It reminds me of sucking an orange flavored lolly on a sunny day. It’s bright, sparkly, and fun. The white cotton and musk hushes the sweetness of vanilla, while the orange blossom adds freshness. If I was 10 years younger, I’d probably choose this over the original as my signature scent.

Prada Candy Florale

A more discreet, reserved, feminine version of the original.

Description: Launched 2014, created by perfumer Daniel (Roche) Andrier. Prada Candy Florale is announced as an exciting floral fragrance full of life and sensuality, inspired by an imaginary flower that smells like candy or a bouquet of flowers standing on the counter of an ice cream shop in Italy. The romantic and powdery composition contains accords of limoncello sorbet the top, flower of peony in the heart, and the base composed of benzoin, musk, caramel, and honey.

My thoughts: It’s a beautiful fragrance, but not unique. Starts off florale, and dries down to a mild soap smelling base. Fresh and not offensive. It’s safe to use on interviews, office, generic dates (lol). I cannot smell the candy, honey, or caramel in this. Just flowers. Pleasant flowers.

Description, Sillage, and Notes from

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