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5 Real Reasons to Keep a Fitness Journal

The start of the year is always the best time to plan new goals in life. From savings, travel, business, career, and fitness goals. With life plans come different journals! What kind of journal do you have right now? I have 2. One Berry Pink Starbucks Planner for my content planning and brainstorming, and a Fitness Journal.

What is a Fitness Journal?

A fitness journal is a log of information where you:

  • Log your workout program
  • Track your progress
  • Make changes when necessary
  • Jot down all your reps, weights, training max during days you workout
o diba? ang dami! nakakaloka! sarap bilhin lahat! kaso gagamitin mo ba? HAHAHAA

I never believed in owning this kind of journal before. There’s always TONS of mobile applications for workout tracking. Some even have built-in programs, and calculators to compute what weight you should or should not do. I didn’t use a fitness journal, until I needed one for my Stronger by the Day Program by MegSquats. It’s got too many changes in routine and exercises that even the best app can’t track everything.

That’s why I’m sharing you 5 reasons to keep a fitness journal


No ads. No monthly fees. No payment before downloads. It’s a freaking notebook! There are pre-made journals with templates drawn on them that costs around 18usd online, but I’m happy with a blank notebook from Victoria’s Journal.

#4 Easier to Track Progress

Is it just me or is it just easier to flip pages than scroll and tap on apps? Your eyes can easily run through from whatever date you need to check. Did you have your period that day? Did you miss one because you’re not in the mood? You can write down comments, even what you felt during your workout day!

#3 Flexibility

Most applications can limit what exercise or workout program you need to perform. It doesn’t provide the flexibility I need. With a personalized fitness journal, I can write down any customization.

  • Exercise
  • Reps
  • Weight
  • Training Maxes
  • What days you go to the gym

#2 Less Distractions

This is one of my favourite reasons. When using a workout app, of course we’re holding a mobile phone. With mobile phone comes social media and other distractions. Trust me, you couldn’t help yourself but check your feed once in a while, which will eat up your resting time, instead of YOU focusing on your training reps.

#1 Goal Accountability

Just the act of purchasing the notebook. Something tangible, can make you hold accountable on your progress and goals. You’ll feel great each day you write down what happened during your workout day, and always look forward to tomorrow!

Final Thoughts

I’m sure some of you know that I’m into weightlifting. Don’t worry! With a fitness journal, you can track down ANY WORKOUT you choose to commit. What matters is consistency! So what are you waiting for? Journal with me! 🙂

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  • Melissa

    Yay! Nice momsh. Saka iba talaga when you write it down than using an app. I have a Unicorn Journal po and a 2020 planner I bough from SM last November. Thank you momsh and happy Monday! ❤️

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