PWD ID Benefits in the Philippines and How to Get One (1)
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PWD ID Benefits in the Philippines and How to Get One (my personal experience!)

I’ve been clinically diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder since 2012, and it’s only this year (2021) that I pushed myself to apply for that PWD ID. I always assumed it was hard to get hold of one, but it’s surprisingly easy and the benefits you get are soooooooo worth it (20 per cent off on GRAB?!).

It’s like the universe saying “Okay, it’s hard to have a disability, here’s a few perks to take some load off your back”.

Today I’ll be sharing you how you can get your own PWD ID, who are qualified of having one, and benefits I’ve personally experienced.


PWD ID Benefits in the Philippines and How to Get One*

What is a PWD ID?

A PWD ID is an identification cards for people with disability in the Philippines. This is used to avail discounts, excemptions, and other benefits as ordered by law. The PWD ID is valid for three years and there’s a minimal fee for renewal.

Who can Apply for a PWD ID?

A PWD ID can be acquired by any Filipino with a permanent disability. Persons with disabilities are those who have “long-term physical, mental, intellectual, or sensory impairments” that interfere with their interactions in society, according to Republic Act 10754[1].

PWD List of Disabilities

The Department of Health (DOH) considers the following types of disabilities as eligible for a PWD ID:

  • Visual disability – Simple poor eyesight doesn’t automatically qualify a person for a PWD ID unless the visual impairment can’t be corrected. Individuals with such condition need to present a medical certificate from their ophthalmologist with a clearance of functional limitation due to poor eyesight.
  • Psychosocial disability – Includes bipolar disorder, depression, ADHD, schizophrenia, epilepsy, and other long-term and recurring mental or behavioral issues
  • Disability resulting from a chronic illness – Includes orthopedic disability due to cancer, blindness due to diabetes, and other disabilities due to a chronic disease
  • Learning disability – Includes processing problems that hinder learning math, reading, writing, and other basic skills
  • Orthopedic (Musculoskeletal) disability – Includes people with dwarfism and amputated hands or feet. Individuals with scoliosis may also apply for an ID.
  • Hearing disability
  • Speech impairment
  • Mental/Intellectual disability
  • Multiple disabilities

How to Apply for a PWD ID in the Philippines?

Okay, there are a lot of guides online that will teach you how, but I found mine the simples (char!). Simply go to your Barangay, fill out the PWD ID application form, and the barangay representative will process that for you. I’m from Batangas and I’m thankful to have a supportive barangay who made applying for a PWD ID hassle-free.  I mean, we have disabilities, would you make it hard for us to get a PWD ID?


  • Medical certificate
  • Valid ID
  • Barangay Clearance
  • Proof of Residency
  • 2 1×1 photos
  • Application form (to be given by the barangay/representative)


Benefits and Discounts of Having a PWD ID

PWDs in the Philippines are entitled to certain discounts and benefits under Republic Act 10754.

VAT Exemption and 20% Discount

PWDs are entitled to a 20% discount and are excluded from paying VAT while purchasing various products and services throughout the country, which include the following categories:

  • Room accommodations
  • Restaurants
  • Cinemas, theaters, and other leisure facilities
  • Specially formulated medications and foods
  • Medical and dental services, such as professional costs, diagnostic and laboratory fees
  • Domestic air and marine travel fares
  • Land transportation fares, which include jeeps, buses, taxis, railroads, and TNVS/ride-hailing services.
  • Funeral and burial services for people with disabilities who have died


My Personal Experience with a PWD ID

Honestly? I felt grateful. I just hope that claiming these discounts doesn’t hassle the establishments. I recently booked a round-trip ticket to Boracay via Cebu Pacific and got 20 per cent off! I don’t get charged with the 12 per cent VAT in restaurants anymore. Plus also got a huge discount from COAST Boracay from our recent vacation.

Thank you to my friend Luis for telling me about Grab’s PWD benefit!

And another thing, I just discovered that we get 20 per cent off from GRAB (food delivery charge/travel fare). I’ve been getting a lot of questions on how to apply for one and it’s so easy. All the instructions how to get PWD discount on Grab are on their website. Google is our best friend. To be honest, I just googled “GRAB PWD ID” and got the link. 

Overall it’s a great benefit thanks to the government (a few things they did right), and whoever approved this bill. 


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  • Edgardo Roxas

    This is Absolutely So Helpful, Ito Rin po kasi TalGa ang Need ngaun ng mga PWD, Sobrang laking tulong Sa Kanila Para Makakuha Ng Benefits …. At less Hassle narin dahil pwede Nang Ipadeliver thru Grab .. that was a nice Opportinity for Us ..

  • Rowena Callo Villareno

    Thank you for sharing Ms. Kaycee very informative po karamihan kasi yung iba gusto mag apply sa PWD id kaso wala sila idea kung paano. Good news pa meron din 20% via grabe convenient na naka discount pa?

  • Jenny Labutap

    Done reading this blog po. Talagang this is very nice and informative po. Very helpful din lalo nasa mga taong nagtatanong paano makakuha ng PWD ID. So nice po dahil ang daming discounts and benefits talagang very helpful lalo na sa grab 20% off din laking tipid po??

  • owenbondocponce

    How important it was. It’s a necessity for us to know the benefits and how we can avail this. Public awareness is really important matter.

  • Edgardo roxas

    Sobrang laking tulong and saving po talaga to for all PWD, sa lahat ng kanilang pangangailangan, even sa Check-up and Mediction at Transportation sa araw araw

    • Kyla Mae

      Thank you for sharing this po,big help po ito sa mga may disability po and Lalo na po sa parents!must read po talaga itong blog niyo Lalo na po sa mga parents or sa mga may ganito din po na nakaranas🥰❤️

  • Lizel Tejares Purcia

    True po yan malaking tulong po talaga yong mga may PWD cards dahil sa mga discounts po.
    Personally na encounter ko na din po kong papano mag compute ng discounts ng PWD as a former cashier po sa isang grocery.?

  • Nelda

    Thanks so much Po tagal na mag pwd I’d ng ate Kong may cancer di namin alam na pwede pala, Minsan Kasi naggaggrab tlga kami pag di nga kaya na pumunta ospital un tlgaang most convenient ride kesa magwait ng taxi. Thank u tlga

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