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REVIEW AND SWATCHES: EB Pillow Pop Cream Blush (and my procrastination)

I have this huge ass backlog of products to swatch and review, from both seeded and those I bought from my own pocket. Having a day job is ~exhausting~ but you have to be grateful for things. I shouldn’t blame my work. I’m a procrastinator, that’s it. I’d rather binge a book or binge a series or a movie than write on my blog (which I honestly like doing). I just procrastinate.

Why? Because if I couldn’t do it as perfectly as it is on my mind, I’d rather not do it at all. But I’m changing all that. I’ll just speak and write as I think. 

So here I am finally pushing to review after taking photos at the cafe. Today we’ll be trying out Ever Bilena’s Pillow Pop Cream Blushes in three shades: Dreamy Coral, Dreamy Rose, and Dreamy Peach.

They kind of remind me of those mousse blushes that trended 20 years ago but they were in pots. These are in pans, flat and compact, which I like. 

Get it here: EB Pillow Pop Cream Blush on Lazada

Swatches from Top-Bottom: Dreamy Peach, Dreamy Rose, Dreamy Coral

All three that I got have a warm undertone and vary with the intensity of their “brightness”. Peach is obviously the lightest shade which leans towards neutral so it can be a safe peachy nude tone.

Dreamy Rose leans toward red and when blended well looks like a natural fresh flush

Last but not the least, Dreamy Coral which looks more like a brick red

What’s great about these pans is it is made and safe to use for the eyes, cheeks, and lips. However, it’s not as creamy and seamless to apply, and needs effort, a lot of effort for it to blend out. The product is bordering dry.

My photo above is how it looks when applied with minimal effort. I don’t like to do a lot of rubbing on my skin. I can recommend putting it on moisturized skin (but it can get oily!) or using a primer to give your skin more slip.

The pigment and color payoff are great though, and it lasts really long – 6 hours –  I just wished it had a better texture just like the other mousse products I tried before. A good thing I can apprecia

Oh, by the way, I also topped it off with a highlighter. I used this one from Spotlight Cosmetics. Really great to use to add dimension to your face and make your cheekbones pop! 




  • Joaquin Eli Bacod

    Thank you for sharing great review mommy kaycee sakto ay nghahanap ako ng pwede i pang gift . Ito na ung perfect , gaganda ng mga shades ng mga blush on 😍

  • Edgardo Roxas

    What a Nice Shade, very Nice Beauty Skin Product Momsh, mukhang Dagdag Ganda na nman po nito, defenitly worth buy pra sa mga Mahihilig mag Make up

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