Aolon Df481 4G Smart Watch for Kids
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REVIEW: Aolon Df481 4G Smart Watch for Kids

Well, hello there my dear parents! Today we’ll be reviewing Aolon Df481 smartwatch for kids.  Our kids are back to face-to-face classes after more than two whole years of homeschooling, and while they’re very much excited, as a mom I’m also a bit worried about how we can still monitor their safety at school.

 Aolon Df481 4G Smart Watch for Kids

Bringing mobile phones is prohibited in macho kid’s school so I had to search for smartwatches for kids that can help me keep track of their location and other details. Lo-behold an amazing tech find!

Price and where to buy: 1999PHP at Aolon official

Not only does it help me track his location, but it also has SMS functionality, video calls, voice messages, an alarm clock, a GPS tracker, and even a math mini-game! Yes, you need to insert a 4G Simcard and load it with data for it to work its best. I got a GoMo! Sim because it has 48GB of data that has no expiry date.


Aolon smartwatch for kids review

smart watch for kids review

Product Specification

【4G Smart Watch for Kids】: Smart Watch Kids 4G has all the features you need: face-to-face (video call), wifi LBS GPS tracker, pedometer, voice chat, text, anti-lost, classroom mode, HD camera, history tracking device, safe area, remote monitoring, SOS, alarm clock, etc.

【Two-way talk】:

  • The 4G children’s phone watch supports video calls and voice calls.
  • You can chat with your child face to face.
  • You can make voice calls.

Make sure your SIM card has a voice and data plan: a voice plan for calls and a data plan for the web.

【4G WIFI LBS GPS Tracker】: Dual positioning technology based on AGPS, positioning based on cell tower station means double safety for children. GPS is suitable for outdoors (especially open areas), which is a little inaccurate; WIFI is ideal for indoors, and the accuracy depends on the operator’s background database; LBS relies on the density of communication base stations and where you are, and the inaccuracy is relatively large.

 Aolon Df481 4G Smart Watch for Kids

【Safety Protection】:

  • The 4G children’s smartwatch is equipped with LBS/GPS/WIFI system.
  • The location is accurate.
  • You can view the child’s real-time location and historical activity footprints.

You can also set your child’s range of activities, and the geofencing feature will alert you if your child leaves the set area—an accurate activity tracker with a built-in speed sensor.

【Gifts for kids】: This smartwatch for kids is made of high-quality materials, which are drop-resistant and durable. The strap is made of soft silicone, which is very comfortable to wear and won’t scratch your hands. This is a great gift for kids ages 3-15.


Aolon Df481 4G Smart Watch for Kids Review

Now, there are a LOT of smartwatches for kids bands on the internet, but what convinced me to get the one from Aolon is the affordable price and real, honest, reviews from parents like me on their official store. 

It was a hassle-free ordering but it did take a longer time than expected. I received the watch two weeks after checkout. 

It comes in a secure cardboard box with all its functionalities printed on it. 

 Aolon Df481 4G Smart Watch for Kids

It only has three items inside: the watch, its usb cable, and the manual.

Do not throw away the manual because it comes in handy when you need to install the required apps on your mobile phone using a QR scanner.

It comes in three colors: black, blue, and pink. Geof chose black because he’s discreetly chic like that hehe.

It’s pretty light when worn, and the silicone strap comfortable to wear. 

Once you’ve installed the application and linked it with your device. Your kids smartwatch is good to go!

 Aolon Df481 4G Smart Watch for Kids
The camera-ception

The screen’s resolution isn’t as clear and high as the one they show on the photos. The camera, isn’t also HD but good enough to see you or your kids’ face clearly.

You can register numbers that your kid can access and contact. This ensures only the known individuals can contact your child!

The battery lasts a week if you do not use the videocalls or camera functions that much and only voice chats and text messages.


Geof enjoys the mini math kids game where the watch displays easy addition, subtraction, multiplaction, and division problems your child can solve. It’s a good time eater when they’re bored. But remind them not to “play” with their watch while in school else it might get confiscated! (just like what happened with Geof recently lol)

Overall, I’m very satisfied with Aolon’s smartwatch for kids. It works just as it promised and worth every penny 😉 Highly recommended for parents!! 




  • Joaquin Eli Bacod

    Thank you for sharing this mommy 😍 gusto ko ung ganitong smartwatch tlgang perfect for kids and very affordable price pa ❤️

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