On motherhood and motivation
Personal Musings

Personal Musings: On motherhood and motivation

Geof approached me one morning and I was surprised by his question: Mom, how do you stay motivated? It wasn’t his usual curiosities like why are lemons sour, or what cats are allergic to. I looked at my son closely and realized he wasn’t a baby anymore *sobs*. He’s nearing his teen years and growing up. I’m grateful that he considers my opinion still valuable.

I asked him back: Motivated to do what?

Well, Geof continued, you always exercise, you work hard, and you still manage to take care of me. How are you motivated to do all things? I for one just want to be motivated to exercise and get fit.

I do not wait for motivation, I replied. I just do things because either I have to or I want to. If you wait for “motivation” to get to work, you’ll most likely achieve barely anything. 

Cliche as it may sound but “just do it” is one of my favorite mottos as of late.

Just do it, I told him. 

That still sounds like motivational advise mommy, he giggled.

We hugged and laughed.


  • Apart Cy

    I really admire niyo po dalawa momsh,the bond as a mother and a son🥰
    Sending Virtual love and Hugs po 💕🤗
    Stay safe and Godbless as always po💕

  • Joaquin Eli Bacod

    Khit ako mommy super humahanga sayu at naiinspire gaya ng sbi ni geoff , you work hard inaalagaan mo sya ang galing mo mommy . Pero tama nga JUST DO IT 💪❤️

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