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review: GRWM Velvet Setting Powder (Linen)

I’ve been loving that more local brands have been releasing new products left and right at frantic pace. More makeup and skincare for us right? Yay! And just like you, I’m the type who sort of easily gets hyped whenever a new TikTok influencer posts a hype or review video on a product. Case in point, the newest product from GRWM Cosmetics (GRWM stands for “Get Ready with Me”), the GRWM All About That Bases Velvet Setting Powder (Price: Php549).

Where to buy? GRWM Cosmetics store on Lazada

Of course I bought one! And I’ll be giving you an honest to goodness review like always. So continue reading down below for a lot of photos, swatches, description, wear-test, and how I feel about the product. Is it worth it? Is the hype real? Let’s find out.

review: GRWM Velvet Setting Powder

Product Description

GRWM Velvet Powder Rush

GRWM All About that Base Velvet Setting Powder claims to be a long-wearing setting powder that has a velvet texture, skin blurring effect, and contains ingredients that can help with oil control. It blends seamlessly to the skin with light to medium buildable coverage. It can be used alone or as a setting powder over foundation.

It also claims to be compatible with all skin types from normal, dry, oily, and combination.

I have combination skin with oily t-zone and dry cheeks.


Active ingredients: Squalane (moisture), Kaolin (oil control), Calamine (calming)



GRWM Velvet Powder Shades / Source: GRWM Cosmetics

The GRWM powder has 8 shades available, a lot more than other brands that either have translucent or beige. Wished there were testers at the mall so we’re less prone to mistakes, but the brand posted enough photos, and got diverse influencers with a range of skintones to help us out.

I was torn with getting Buff or Linen. With linen being the “yellower” of the two. I ended up purchasing the latter because some days my skin looks bleh and the hint of yellow would help brighten up my tone.

I was right, and I love it. Before you get to my detailed experience, here are several actual swatch photos of the product on my face.

Bare face
with one layer of GRWM powder
coverage check
Without powder / Bare Face
With one layer of GRWM Velvet Powder Rush in Linen

Wear-test and review

GRWM Velvet Powder Rush

The product truly is promising, and wow, it delivered. It works as claimed and promised!

First the packaging: It comes in a round compact with a built in mirror, a separate layer for the puff, and the product. I love brands that consider convenience when it comes to packaging! The puff is actually super soft, with a velvet-like quality that grabs the product and distributes it well. Thankful, because some brands just give out “disposable” ones that doesn’t really do anything and just goes to the waste.

It’s compact enough to put in  your small purse or makeup kit. And I believe this will be a staple!

Next is the powder: A layer was enough to help blur out my visible pores, mattify the skin (without making it look flat), and give enough coverage to lessen the redness of my skin. As seen on the photos above.

It can make your skin looked polished and clean! Confident enough to go out in the world even without heavy layers of concealer or foundation, especially if you have clear skin like mine.

The texture of the powder is indeed fluffy and velvety, not as tightly packed so it’s easy to grab with the puff or a brush. A single layer is enough to set, two layers enough to replace your powder foundation, but three can be too much and look unnatural.

Finally is the wear test:

Here’s a video of me 8 hours after wearing the powder with no retouch. Coverage has faded but my skin doesn’t look greasy, cakey, or muddy (which happens a lot with other powders. For 549 you get the bang for your buck and I believe this is going to give international brands a run for their money.

This is the first time I’ve tried anything from GWM Cosmetics and I can’t wait to test more. A filipino beauty brand we can be proud of!


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