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    review: GRWM Velvet Setting Powder (Linen)

    I’ve been loving that more local brands have been releasing new products left and right at frantic pace. More makeup and skincare for us right? Yay! And just like you, I’m the type who sort of easily gets hyped whenever a new TikTok influencer posts a hype or review video on a product. Case in point, the newest product from GRWM Cosmetics (GRWM stands for “Get Ready with Me”), the GRWM All About That Bases Velvet Setting Powder (Price: Php549). Where to buy? GRWM Cosmetics store…

  • Beauty,  Honest Reviews,  Makeup,  Trending

    Pretty Girl Perfecting Face Powder (Thailand) – An honest review

    Hi everyone! We’re back for another makeup review. This time we’re trying out Pretty Girl Face Perfecting Powder from Thailand. Thai makeup and skincare products are slowly emerging in the beauty industry. I mean, who won’t be attracted to the affordable price and promising quality. I’ve tried a couple of their supplements (Lazel Glutathione, Frozen Collagen) and surprisingly worked wonders despite the low cost! So I thought to myself, why not give their cosmetics a shot too. Continue reading for my honest to goodness review..…

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