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REVIEW: YouTheory Collagen Supplement


Hello mga bb! Dahil nagtitipid ako (I’m trying to save money). I was on the scout for an affordable collagen supplement and remembered YouTheory Collagen. A lot of people have been sending me review requests for this product. Main reason is because it’s cheap. I went to Lazada and bought the smallest bottle I could find. Read until the end for the full review!

  • What? YouTheory Collagen
  • Where to buy? Lazada, Waltermart Makati, Healthy Options
  • How much? 1090 for 160 tablets; Serving size 6 tablets a day


Benefits of Taking Collagen

Besides glowing, firmer skin. Collagen also helps with preventing joint inflammation and promoting healthier cells. I was diagnosed with Rheaumatoid Arthritis since 1998. Joint and back pain has brought the most burden in my life to the point of getting depressed because of it. My chiropractor recommended that I take magnesium, fish oil, and collagen supplements.

  • Healthier skin and nails
  • Prevent early signs of skin aging
  • Supports tendons and ligaments

YouTheory Collagen Supplement Review

Packaging – I got mine from Lazada as I was too lazy to go to the mall. It comes in a dark bottle with label that tells you it might be cheap but it’s good quality.

Ingredients – Pig and Fish Collagen

Dosage – 6 tablets a day is the recommended serving BUT I only took 1 tablet / day during trial

Taste/Swallowability – Ugh! It’s collagen in tablet form. Large tablets the size of a bean and you have to take 6 a day?! Also tastes like fish and chalk.

Effects – Now I only took 1 tablet a day, kasi nga nagtitipid ako. Despite taking the smallest serving size of 1,000mg a day; My skin still displayed inner radiance just like other collagen supplements. But that’s it. I just looked glowing pero I never felt the other benefits like less acne, healthier hair growth, and improved joint functionality (I have rheaumatoid arthritis)

Who do I recommend this to? If you’re on a budget and can tolerate swallowing hard… tablets. Then go ahead!

Will I buy this again? Nope. I like to take something more palatable like those Jelly Skin Supplements.

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