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REVIEW: Meiji Amino Collagen Powder

Now not many of you know that I just turned 28 and as I go near the end of the calendar my interest went to retaining my skin’s youth, elasticity, radiance, and glow. Takot ako tumanda! I want to look forever 21! Chos! So today we’re reviewing Meiji Amino Collagen Powder from Japan!



Meiji Amino Collagen (1,390php/can)

This unique powder formula works better than creams and lotions which can’t actually penetrate deeply enough to increse skin’s collagen. Add this easy to mix powder to any beverage once a day and see the results in a few short weeks. Studies show improvement in appearance, elasticity, and texture of the skin; plus health benefits to bones, joints, and muscles.

The unique production process reduces the collagen mollecule to about 1/60th of its original size for optimal absorption. The powder mixes easily into liquid which is the best way to introduce it to the body. Meiji Amino Collagen is derived from marine sources which have been shown to be superior to poultry or bovine collagen products.

How to Take

I take one scoopful daily. I mix it with 1 glass of water. You can mix it with other drinks if you prefer since it is relatively tasteless.

While it is tasteless, you can’t erase the fact that it’s made out of fish. It has a very fishy aftertaste and a very fishy smell. See my photo up there? I clip my nose with my fingers so I don’t smell anything. #tiisganda

Besides helping my skin look plumper and awake. I noticed less muscle pain or delayed onset muscle soreness the day after working out at the gym. I have fine lines on my forehead already and that is what I’m trying to “blur” out without going into surgery or botox (not yet!) and after consistently taking this for 1 month (and counting!) I do notice a bit of “filling-in” happening. 

Will I buy again?

YES. A HUGE YES. I don’t think I plan on going back to local collagen brands even. There is something with authentic Japan produced supplements that spell out QUALITY. I may try other brands tho pretty soon once I run out of this one. For 1,390php, this is even cheaper than its local competitors. I’m reviewing FRACORA collagen next so stay tuned! *wink*

How about you? What’s your latest skincare obsession? 

Date Reviewed: May 21 2015

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