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    REVIEW: Orihiro Night Diet Tea from Japan


      Orihiro Night Diet Tea is the partner of En Natural Green Smoothie in my mom’s quest for being healthy and fit. She’s been bugging me for some time now to buy her slimming pills, even dangerous ones like Bangkok Pills (PLEASE DON’T) and I guess I know where my stubbornness came from. I told her that if she really wants to slim down, she should start by eating healthy and exercise regularly. She told me she’s so fat already that she needs a bit…

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    Review: Shiseido the Collagen Drink from Japan

    They say collagen drinks work overnight. But I took it up a notch and drank 1 bottle of collagen drink for 6 days (yes 6 because I can’t afford a 7th haha). I’ll be uploading the video on KikaysikaTV. This post is an individual review of each brand of collagen drink that I’ll be trying out. Today we’ll be reviewing Shiseido the Collagen Drink (SRP: 2230php). According to their description;  Formulated with Shiseido’s patented ingredients; support skin elasticity and protects the skin; fights acne and improves the appearance of large…

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    REVIEW: Daiso Collagen Tablet

    daiso collagen

    This has got to be the cheapest and legit skin supplement I have ever encountered. We’ll be reviewing Daiso Collagen and Daiso Beauty White. Hitting 2 birds with one stone, plus a bonus giveaway at the end of the post so read carefully.  What? Daiso Collagen and Daiso Beauty White How much? 150php for 30 capsules good for 15 days Where to buy? Japan and Korea Beauty Secrets on FB   Daiso Collagen Review Daiso Collagen has 6000mg for the entire pack. It has 30 tablets…

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    Review: Orihiro Placenta Jelly from Japan

    Orihiro Placenta Jelly Review

    I enjoyed my time taking Orihiro Collagen Jelly because it literally tastes like dessert with benefits. I had another box of Orihiro Jelly in my stash, thinking it’s collagen but lo behold. It’s a different variant pala. The one in the orange box is mango flavored Placenta Jelly.    Placenta Supplement Benefits Improves skin tightening and firming. Skin whitening and brightening. Reduces pores and skin roughness. Improves skin dryness. Hydrates and moisturizes the skin. Promotes skin translucent. Maintains toned complexion of skin. Protects against UV…

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    REVIEW: Fracora Placenta Liquid Drink

    Today we’ll be highlighting my honest to goodness review on Fracora Placenta Liquid Drink. Did you guys know that by the time you hit 25, skin starts to age faster, collagen production slows down and wrinkles start to show. That’s if you don’t start prevention early! Scroll down to the bottom for the full review   What? Fracora Placenta Liquid Drink How much? 2,500php for 1 bottle good for 1 month (30 days) / 16ml a day. Measuring Cup Included.   I’m glad my vanity and love…

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    REVIEW: Meiji Amino Collagen Powder

    Now not many of you know that I just turned 28 and as I go near the end of the calendar my interest went to retaining my skin’s youth, elasticity, radiance, and glow. Takot ako tumanda! I want to look forever 21! Chos! So today we’re reviewing Meiji Amino Collagen Powder from Japan!   Description Meiji Amino Collagen (1,390php/can) This unique powder formula works better than creams and lotions which can’t actually penetrate deeply enough to increse skin’s collagen. Add this easy to mix powder…

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