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REVIEW: Notorious Lifters Gen 2 (is it worth it?)

Hey there! Thanks for dropping by my blog, today we’re going to review these really cool lifting shoes, the Notorious Lifters Gen2 by Notorious Lift.

If only it was allowed in my gym, I would prefer to lift barefoot. Feel the ground, and have a solid, stable foot placement on the ground that can support better lifts. Alas, it is not, that’s why I rely on good ol’ Chuck Taylors. Chucks have the necessary hard, flat rubber sole required for the strongest lifts (deadlifts, bench, squats, presses), as well as some ankle support when you get the high-cuts

But we’re not going to talk about Chucks, we’re here to talk about Notorious Lifters. I got a pair and I don’t think this takes top spot.


REVIEW:Notorious Lifters Gen 2 (is it worth it?)

What areNotorious Lifters shoes?

Difference between Gen 2 vs Sumo Sole Gen 1 vs Sumo Sole Gen 2 vs Sumo Sole Gen 2.5

Gen 2

NLG2 features an ultra-thin, flexible, and grippy sole that gets you as close as possible to the floor and maximizes ground sensory feedback. It is their most minimal, barefoot-feeling slipper designed to offer a good balance between minimalism, comfort, and grip.

Great for both conventional and sumo deadlifts, and for those looking for the most minimal and comfortable slipper available.

Sumo Sole Gen 1

It features an aggressive #noslipgrip traction pattern and a high-side lateral wall to prevent spillage in sumo deadlifts. These two features combine with our dual straps to provide a locked-in, ultra-grippy slipper unlike any other product on the market. The sole is slightly thicker than the Notorious Lifters, but still extremely thin.

This model is very popular for those looking for the absolute best in grip and lateral support, such as wide sumo pullers.

Sumo Sole Gen 2

SSG2 features the same great #noslipgrip sole used in the SSG1 but is constructed using a new custom-milled Durawoven™ upper, which gives the slipper a shoe-like feel.

This model features an internal heel cup for added stability and support over the SSG1.

SSG2 is great for those who are looking for the absolute best grip and side-wall support, just like the SSG1, but with added support more similar to a shoe, rather than a slipper.

Sumo Sole Gen 2.5

SSG2.5 was rebuilt from the ground up to combine the best aspects of Notorious Lifters and the Sumo Sole Gen 1.

The new Fortis™ sole pairs the ultra-thinness of the NLG2 with the SSG1’s brawny side lateral wall. The result is a slipper that is comfortable to wear for the duration of the workout but still provides great grip and ground feel.

It also features our brand new lightweight and breathable AdvanKnit™ upper that contours to your feet for a tight feel and proper lockdown.

This model is great for those who want plenty of lateral support, without sacrificing the feeling of a minimal ultra-thin slipper.

Should I size up or size down?

Slippers fit true to US shoe size. For those who prefer a tighter, more locked-in feeling slipper, size down. If between sizes, size down. I’m a size 6.5, so I got a size 6. Initially, it felt too tight and uncomfortable, but after removing the extra sole, and breaking it in for a couple of days, it felt like a glove!


I AM IN LOVE. I was a true blue Converse Chucks loyalist but wearing these lifting slippers absolutely changed my mind. I’m convinced. I am now a Notorious Lift Convert.


  • Okay first, they give the best ground grip for deadlifts and feel so secure. It’s like wearing a sock, but so much better. The colorway I got looks like a Gucci model so it’s very tres chic. 
  • Its slim, compact size makes it easy to carry in my bag, so I can still wear heels or slippers when I go out, and not just wear sneakers every day lol
  • Price point is fair, I got mine on sale for only USD$33, regular price is $44, not bad eh?
  • Easy to clean and wash. No, I don’t throw mine in the laundry, just soak them in soap and rinse. It dries quick too!


  • No official retail store in the Philippines so I had to get mine thru their official website
  • Can be confusing to determine which “style” I need, but found Gen 2 suits me best. The others feel like a “real shoe” already.

That’s it! I’m actually eyeing on another pair hee-hee. Hope you enjoyed reading my post! Let me know what else you want to see here on my blog. Leave a comment below 🙂


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