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REVIEW: Pop Studio Lip and Cheek Tint | A Brutally Honest One

Before anything else. Before I even start my long essay of mostly constructive criticisms, I’d like to tell everyone that:


  • Though not #diehard, I’m a low-key Sarah G Fan
  • I want to like this product so bad, so so bad
  • I tried my hardest to make this work but alas…


A few months ago a full collection of cosmetics was launched by Sarah Geronimo called Pop Studio. It was soon followed by eye-catching promotions and banners using bright colors. Suits our pop princess just right. Everyone was excited for her makeup line! Including myself! I was lucky enough to have been sent a PR kit with the entire line. The first one that I tried was Pop Studio Lip and Cheek Tint.


3 Things that I Liked

#1 It’s Multipurpose!

I’m a fan of products that have more than 1 use. This is dual ended and provides us 2 shades to choose from

#2 The Pink Theme

Perfect for a princess, the bright warm pink hues used is a stunner, just like Sarah

#3 Travel-Friendly

Because it’s a pen-type that can be closed on both ends, you can easily keep it in your purse, bag, even wallet. It’s compact size is convenient.


3 Things That Should Improve

#1 The Label

Knock knock quality control. Our Sarah deserves nothing but the best, I wished you checked the consistency of your product’s labeling. the POP should be the other way around, facing upwards with the product type and shade.


#2 The Applicator

The applicator for the purple shade is flimsier than the one for the red. It also doesn’t distribute the product evenly on the lips. They can improve this by using a thicker sponge on both ends or use a brush type similar to polishes or other tints.

It is much better to use fingers to spread it out.. but… 


#3 The Product Itself

I’ve got fairly soft lips even when bare. Look.

But after applying this tint, it seemed to have sucked the moisture out of my lips. EVEN WITH LIP BALM UNDERNEATH

The result? uneven, dry, patchy, and made me look like one of the undead.


Final Thoughts

Our pop princess deserves a better line of makeup products. The current ones do not give her justice. I don’t recommend getting this, it’s a waste of money. But hopefully they’ll listen to the feedback and improve their products on their next releases.


One Comment

  • Queen A

    Huhu. Yan talaga nakapanget. Nagbuo e. 🙁 Sarah G dont deserve this. Hay. Pero ung lipstick naman daw mukang havey e.

    Natry mo nba She Cosmetics ni Kris Bernal Miss Kaycee?

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