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While I’m sipping my 2nd mug of iced latte here at J. Co, I’m contemplating. Procrastinating rather, if I should start writing another makeup review on my blog. It’s been a few days and having a regular day job is quite exhausting despite working remotely. Ah, the advantages of working semi-freelance.

Today on the blog we’ll be reviewing Shiseido Maquillage Dramatic Powder UV Foundation in 30. We all know Japanese cosmetic products love naming their products long. The longer the better. HAHA.

I got this from the last Lux Asia sale. The only time I buy luxury cosmetics because they’re priced the lowest. Originally costing at around 3k++ for the product and palette. I got it for 1,500 for both with 2 refills already. Woohoo!



A long-wearing powder foundation that creates a beautiful radiant finish and envelops skin in a glowing veil. Enhances luminosity and radiance through innovative powder technology that controls the reflection of light from the surface of skin. SPF 23.

Contains ultra-light spherical powder which is extremely light like a balloon as it is hollow inside. As the light hits the powder’s spherical surface, light diffusion effect gives natural brightness to the skin.


Photos & Swatches



First and foremost. This has one of the most natural soft-focused finish on my face. Among all the pressed powder foundations I’ve tried. That’s my issue with pressed powders. Most of them looks too matte or too flat. If I was on a good mood and wasn’t lazy. I’d prefer using a liquid, cushion, or cream then set it with a translucent powder. This one is a beaut. I can use it on its own without looking like chalk.

Coverage-wise it’s pretty decent. Covering acne spots and redness here and there. 

Shade-wise, 30 is a tad dark on my skin but looks seamless when blended out. It also doesn’t change color despite my skin’s acidity so that’s a ++! (it also gives of a white cast lol. This looks more natural in real life)

Staying power is so-so. It claims to last up to 10 hrs but in our humid climate, 2 hours and it seemed to have faded off that I need to re-apply. If you’re in Japan or in a colder, dryer climate. It might. Haha!

SPF25 is great. I can use this as a “sunscreen” retouch or a tinted finishing powder. 

Texture is velvety and sponge super soft. I love smoothing it on my face. 

Compacts need to be bought separately but its okay because you they have a 1-size fits all standard size for refills so you can put it anywhere!

Will I repurchase? Yeah. This is actually my 4th refill of a Shiseido Powder Foundation. Sometimes I don’t notice their variants na. More or less they’re the same thing, repackaged and renamed. 


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  • Sam Ramos

    Sa dinami daming blogger sayo lang ako nawili , ewan ko ba . ? Eto kasi honest na honest magreview ng mga products .

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