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OPINION: Are Influencers/Bloggers Freeloaders?

What do you really do?”

Bloggers, influencers, and vloggers are suddenly getting bad rep just because of a few rotten apples. Now we’re being accused of freeloading and that blogging is not a “job”

I’m Kaycee, also known as KIKAYSIKAT or The Macho Mom here on the internet. A single mom of a lovely boy and juggle 5 jobs

  1. IT
  2. Writer
  3. Marketing Executive
  4. Stock Trader
  5. Blogger/Vlogger

All of these are done online and we just happen to work remotely without an office. As long as there’s a computer, internet, at cellphone. 

Other bloggers I know have their own business and do freelance work. Blogging full time is also considered a career now that it’s already  2019. We’re no longer in the 80’s or 90’s where traditional marketing have you giving away flyers or paying TV or Movie Celebrities to promote your product. 

Consumers are smarter. They know if it’s overselling. They’re yearning for AUTHENTICITY.

This is where blogging comes in. You get online clout from blogs/vlogs. Especially if you get those with evergreen content! Visibility and clout help you brand awareness

You want to measure ROI?

  • Get views/analytics reports from blogs/vlogs. Reach and views alone is already great ROI
  • Likes/Comments/Engagement can also be used as measurement

Sales/Conversion is not their job and duty. It’s yours. What b/vloggers provide is brand awareness and visibility. 

Blogging is a combination of Passion+Purpose and it takes hefty effort of writing, taking photos, thinking creatively, paying for the hosting/domain, internet, commuting (if attending an event)


  • Most of the time, we write articles we are PASSIONATE about. That come from out OWN POCKET.
  • If certain companies wants us to WRITE FOR THEM or CREATE CONTENT FOR THEM of course it’s considered a JOB that deserves to be PAID FAIRLY
  • SOMETIMES we SUPPORT SMALL LOCAL COMPANIES by writing about them FREE OF CHARGE especially if we genuinely support their product and advocacy.

Bloggers, Vloggers, and Influencers deserve to be treated respect. Not everyone is a rotten apple. Most are hardworking and genuinely passionate on their craft. With the right symbiotic relationship, they can give your brand the mileage it needs.

And to aspiring bloggers, don’t do it for the freebies please. Don’t just copy paste press releases. Don’t be a blahgger. 


Okay #dropmic


  • Laira Pelesco

    I am a new mommy blogger and thank you for this article about us. For me we bloggers are the new marketing guys of our era – we help the brands to reach their target markets, on that sense -our own niches. I am a Marketing Degree holder, so I really know how to do promotional stuffs. But I am a fulltime mom, and i cant work fulltime. So I decided to enter the blogging sphere and use my skills, to help the brands and the public to know each other. Bloggers are the bridge that connects the two of them. And i am happy to help them both.

  • Karla

    This is super on point! On the other hand, some newbie bloggers enter blogging to get free stuff. Nadadamay tuloy yung ibang matinong bloggers. LOL.

  • Queen A

    Hanga din naman ako talaga sa mga bloggers/influencers na dedicated sa kanilang trabaho. Pano kasi ung iba na gusto ng free. Nagffeeling blogger pero ung content kinuha kng sa iba. Hay nako. I remember so many people hahah

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