Sharp Debuts Game-Changing Innovations To  Future Proof Industries And Society

The world needs innovators.

The 17 Sustainable  Development Goals established by the United Nations and 14 Grand Challenges for  Engineering in the 21st century set by the National Academy of Engineering are examples of  a global call to innovate with the aim to improve life on the planet.

SHARP Corporation  (SHARP) is one such innovator making waves with a host of new game-changing technology  advancements designed to elevate performance for industries and quality of life for society. 

SHARP extended reality (XR) technology attracted great interest as users tried on the XR glasses for an immersive audiovisual perspective of daily life, office space, and even the outdoors all with a few simple clicks of a button.

Rooted in 111 years of innovation, SHARP is at the forefront of merging its understanding of  modern-day challenges and the ability to curate technologically driven solutions. Recently at  its signature SHARP Tech Day held in Tokyo, Japan, the innovator unveiled its technology  strategy for the future to local Japanese governments representatives, foreign embassies and  government representatives of the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore;  both local and foreign business partners and media.  

SHARP Tech Day marks the beginning of a new generation of technological transformation that will inspire many more new innovations to come. (Third from left) SHARP Corporation President and CEO, Robert Wu, and (L-R) Executive Managing Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Head of R & D Mototaka Taneya, Executive Vice President, Masahiro Okitsu, Chief Financial Officer, Branden Chen.

“SHARP Tech Day marks the beginning of a new generation of technological transformation  that will inspire many more new innovations to come. The new innovations from SHARP are  in the area of AI, EV Solutions, Green Energy, Next Communication, Semiconductor and  Robotics. My vision is to see SHARP’s game changing technologies make life and work easier  and safer. Thus, speed and determination are two important factors that will drive our  technology advancement,” explained SHARP Corporation President and CEO, Robert Wu.  

SHARP’s AI Partner is a highly compatible item that allows users to control home appliances and coordination with various services.

SHARP exhibited over 40 technology solutions across four key categories in an experiential  manner. “We are proud to put forward four game-changing innovations which we believe  redefine, ‘The Future of Smart Living’, ‘The Future of Smart Cities’, ‘The Future of Smart  Industry’, and ‘The Future of Sustainability’. It is an honour to host key decision makers in  government and industry to experience the application of our connected products and services  

first-hand and witness its potential in transforming the way we live and work,” explained  Executive Managing Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Head of R & D Mototaka Taneya. 

The Future of Smart Living 

Centred on the theme “Less Is More”, SHARP showcased its latest Smart Living Solutions  including proposals powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) teaming with start-ups and products  applying its unique nature technology. Guided by the needs of consumers’ modern lifestyles,  SHARP aspires to enrich households with greater convenience and comfort.  

The Future of Smart Cities 

In the wake of unexpected hazardous situations, SHARP’s vision to enforce “Better Safety” in  cities is reflected in its exhibits. A local 5G disaster relief solution “Instant 5G Network” houses  a set of equipment such as batteries and application servers that can easily create a local 5G  environment in a waterproof luggage bag. Mobility is another crucial part of developing smart  cities. In this vein, SHARP continues to be a critical innovator in enhancing safety for drivers  through its AI driving-assistance feature.  

The Future of Smart Industry 

Focused on integrating “Better Efficiency”, SHARP’s Smarter Office through XR and Smarter  Logistic with robotics improves logistical efficiency. In addition, the brand’s breakthrough  Smart Manufacturing and Smart Laboratory technology, powered by AI and Sensing  Technology, provides exceptional, future-oriented manufacturing and bioengineering  solutions. 

The Future of Sustainability 

In tune with global demand for sustainable solutions, SHARP is turning heads with innovations  in Green Energy and Green Digital Communication. Its pioneering solar development is  compatible with applications at home and for businesses, with breakthrough capabilities to  innovate new solar modules for the electric vehicle (EV) industry and outer space. Adding on  to the sustainability line-up, Sharp IGZO backplane realizes high visibility of the new electronic  paper display or ePoster at zero watts (“0W”) power consumption when displaying a still  image. The ePoster, which was a collaboration with E Ink Holdings Inc, now comes in A2-size,  a standard poster size.

Nurturing synergy among innovators  

Beyond developing innovative solutions, SHARP believes in playing a bigger role of bringing  innovators together to form synergies that elevate technology advancements and speed to  market. SHARP has released specifications of its edge AI technology and established a  system that facilitates cooperation and collaboration. Believing that start-ups possess a wealth  of ideas and technologies, SHARP has since engaged with 5 start-ups to further develop  generative AI technology. SHARP’s strategic partner, FOXCONN, also showcased their SUV  Electric Vehicle as well as a series of automotive semiconductors, high-reliability automotive  MCUs and LED IC control. 

SHARP’s hackathon to redefine the new value of televisions in the future embodied the spirit of co-creation with people of various technologies and backgrounds.

In the spirit of co-creating with people possessing various technologies and backgrounds,  SHARP also organised a hackathon at the SHARP Tech Day, which welcomed ground breaking ideas from engineers and designers involved in video equipment, corporations,  teams or individuals from start-up companies and academia, regardless of industry or  occupation. Challenged with redefining the new value of televisions in the future, participants  developed applications and software prototypes under various themes such as “AI”, “Web3”,  “QoL (Quality of life)”, and “Entertainment” among others.  

Hackathon winner, Team Yukai na Nakama Tachi, took home the coveted 1 million yen cash prize with their winning idea of an ‘AI assistant standing close by the family’.
(Front line) 2nd from left: SHARP Corporation R&D, Kazuo Kanemaru,
4th from Right to Left : Head of R & D of R&D Mototaka Taneya, TV System Business

Hackathon winner, Team Yukai na Nakama Tachi, who proposed the idea of an ‘AI assistant  standing close by the family’, took home the coveted 1 million yen cash prize. SHARP is also  considering a future joint development and acceleration support for the winning prototype. 

A testimony of unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability, the SHARP  Tech Day was packed with a capacity crowd, all anticipated to see the innovations. The  company trusts that the visitors would take home the knowledge about SHARP’s cutting-edge  innovations to spark conversations around adoption and new partnerships. 


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