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Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring (How to use and review)

I’m in my mid-30s and I haven’t tried to DIY waxing my body hair, ever, until today.

What: Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring Kit 

How much: 330php

Get it here: 

Before we head on to our review and demo of Strip It’s Sugar Wax Kit, let’s address the elephant in the room that growing body hair, or choosing not to, is akin to one’s choice.

People might prefer having hairless legs, underarms, or bikini areas. Certain people might prefer just leaving everything there.

For example, I choose to just embrace the hair on my legs, and would be waxing a certain chunk of area for demo purposes. My armpits, alas, only grows 1-2 strands every quarter.

However, while I do prefer a smoother area down below, and would use Strip It’s DIY Wax kit there, except, I do not want to show you photos or videos of my private area, as it is private.

Strip It

For demonstration purposes we will try Strip It’s Sugar Wax Kit on my legs, with help from my boyfriend, Ryan Rems.

This is my first time DIY waxing, and I usually opt for going to salons despite the higher cost, because I was always afraid I couldn’t do it myself. Things are about to change.


FIRST, let’s discuss the benefits of sugaring:

A traditional ancient Egyptian method of hair removal, sugaring involves using a 100% natural paste to remove hair from its root.

For Strip It, its ingredients are sugar, honey, calamansi, and water. 

Unlike waxing, it doesn’t require strips or cloths for removal, and some even prefer it over other hair removal techniques.

“Sugaring is a far superior method of hair removal because when you remove the root, the follicle will have less blood supply to it over time, which will in turn weaken it,” Alexandra Accardo, esthetician and sugaring expert, tells Byrdie. 

“You’ll get less hair growth each time, and the hair that does grow will be finer and sparser.” The end result: smooth, hairless skin, which usually lasts for around four to six weeks.

♡ No heat sugaring wax ♡ Made with all natural ingredients ♡ Easy-to-use, no heating required ♡ Exfoliates by stripping off dead skin ♡Hair regrowth is finer and softer ♡ Hypoallergenic and water soluble (easy to rinse)

Doing it yourself, also saves you a lot of money compared to going to waxing salons, and exposing your private areas to random people.

Demo and How to use:

  1. Simply cut off the reusable cloth strips to your desired size 
  2. Apply sugar wax using the spatula towards hair growth
  3. Put the cloth strip on top of the waxed area
  4. Pull against the hair growth (as fast and firmly as you can!)


A basic kit, that I have right here, includes 300g of sugaring wax, 3 cloth sheets (that can make 18 strips), 2 wooden spatulas, and an instruction sheet. (the smaller jar came from another kit)

Strip It

The packaging itself is simple. Sugar in a cute pink jar. It smells edible, and I think it is, thus the taste test. It was pretty sweet! 

Strip It

What’s great about cold waxing, like sugaring, is that we don’t need to do extra steps like heating wax balls, or melting the wax in the microwave. That sometimes, can even cause burns! 

Just take out just the right amount from the tub, apply, and pull. So easy.

The wax’s texture grabs the hair down to its roots but surprisingly keeps the rest of the skin scathe-free. It just pulls the hair, not the skin. Making it LESS painful than traditional hot wax!

Imagine, going DIY using Strip It! costs almost 50% less than going to waxing salons, and it’s 50% less painful, and the results, are even better.

Strip It

Final Thoughts

Even lazy girls like me can do this in a jiffy! 

After a week, I noticed the hair on the area I’ve waxed hasn’t even grown back yet. Sure there were like 1 or 2 short sands. Maybe because I’m also using their Bumps Away Ingrown Cream, and Aloe Vera Gel.

Bumps Away Ingrown Cream is made with – Niacinamide, Shea Butter, Macadamia Seed Oil, Soybean Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Wheat bran extract, Calendula extract, Chamomile extract, Squalene, Vit. E, Salicylic Acid – that gently exfoliates the skin, while calming the waxed area, keeping it soft and smooth longer.

Strip It Aloe Vera Gel soothes and heals skin right after sugaring! Can also be used for skin irritations, wounds, burns, rashes, insect bites and sun burns and is made from  Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Aloe Vera Distillate, Glycerin, Castor Oil.

I highly recommend, and will definitely repurchase.



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