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Pretty Girl Perfecting Face Powder (Thailand) – An honest review

Hi everyone! We’re back for another makeup review. This time we’re trying out Pretty Girl Face Perfecting Powder from Thailand.

Thai makeup and skincare products are slowly emerging in the beauty industry. I mean, who won’t be attracted to the affordable price and promising quality. I’ve tried a couple of their supplements (Lazel Glutathione, Frozen Collagen) and surprisingly worked wonders despite the low cost! So I thought to myself, why not give their cosmetics a shot too.

Continue reading for my honest to goodness review..


Pretty Girl Perfecting Face Powder

?Pretty Girl natural color makeup powder? ??‍♀️Smooth face, Light texture, Excellent cover, Waterproof, Sweat control, Absorb sebum, Sunscreen, Not floating, Long term, ? No melting makeup ??

  • Price: 180php
  • Where to buy?

The texture is soft and smooth, its makes your skin look perfect with medium coverage.  It’s a mattifiying powder that is perfect for oily skin. Waterproof, and can last all day.


Pretty Girl Face Powder Photos & Swatches



Pretty Girl Perfecting Face Powder Review

Now, I have a lot of high hopes for this product. After seeing the photos where users are even taking a SHOWER with it on, and the COVERAGE it provides!

I ordered the shade #02 which is yellow-toned, the 01 was for pinkish complexions. It comes in a Barbie-pink box and compact, with an applicator too rough for use. I tried. It was so bad I threw it away. So I used a fluffy brush to apply the powder instead.


The texture isn’t as silky smooth as most powders do, it’s got excellent coverage. It was able to cover the redness on my face, the dark circles, and even the swollen cystic acne on my chin.

It doesn’t darken throughout the day despite skin’s acidity, and it looked more natural as it wears out. As you can see on my photo, it’s matte but not flat. My skin actually looked a bit radiant wearing it on. Pretty cool for a 180 peso powder!


Unfortunately the shade 02 is a bit lighter than my natural skin color. I’m now wondering if I could try the 03 next? 



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