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    Sace Lady Cosmetics Review (Photos, Swatches, Vlog)

    It took a really long time to convince myself and try SACE Lady Cosmetics. The low price range seems too good to be true that I wonder if it’s safe to use. More than 2 years in the Philippine market and it continues to get 5-star reviews on Shopee, not to mention I haven’t read any negative feedback at all on their makeup products. Looks like it’s time to give it a try!  Where to buy? SACE Lady Official Store I made a demo video sing…

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    Hello World! Happy Mother’s Day! Hello Macho Mom!

    On Site Penalties and Positivity

    I have to reward myself a gift of writing a personal musing on the very first post on my new website The Macho Mom. It has been long over-due and I’ve been thinking about it A LOT!  If not for the google penalization of my beloved kikaysikat.com, I wouldn’t felt so desperate enough to create another domain because I feel like an octopus who’s lost its tentacle and it needs to regrow another one.   As you all know, KIKAYSIKAT has been my baby for…

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