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They say progress isnt linear

They say progress isn’t linear. Well that’s what not was on my mind a few hours earlier before seeing the meme I will share with you below. Yes, this is how I currently look like deep inside.

I’ve had The Macho Mom for almost 10 years, and Kikaysikat for almost 20 years. Honestly, with their high domain authority (DA), and hundreds of content, I’ve been complacent that it would be enough to keep them on the top spot.

But no, something strange changed this year, when 2024 began. Is it Google? Did they make any changes on their SEO? It is. Sure, my traffic dropped. The drop in traffic made me realize something important. I forgot the love and passion I had for writing.

It’s true what they say, do not make a job out of your hobby, or else you’ll need to find something else to do that you’ll enjoy. This is true.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my job. I love writing for Metro Creative. It’s my dream job ever since. It’s my calling.

But finding work, made me forget about my blogs. My babies.

I was too occupied on making a living that I forget my life here.

Basically, what I wanted to say is, we all have our ups and downs and sometimes, in reaching your goal, there are times we hit rock bottom.

So I talked to myself (yes lol), and took an oath that I’ll commit on posting a minimum of 2 stories on each website, each week. YES. By hook or by crook. I even made a spreadsheet content calendar thingie!

Maybe having structure will help me stay consistent. When I was younger, I could write 5-8 articles in a day! Well, that’s because I was technically jobless and hyper-caffeinated. Now, I’m almost forty, employed, a solo parent, and a gym buff. I should never forget, that I’m also a writer by heart.


  • Ann Jay Rol

    Its okay mii may time talaga na mawawalan tayo ng gana sa mga hobby natin,lalo na pag down tayo,pahinga lang saglit tas pag okay na balik ulit,ganun din kasi ang ginagawa ko, minsan sa subrang daming task nakakalimutan na yong ibang gawain or yong hobby natin nawawalan tayo ng time..kaya naniniwala din talaga ako sa kasabihang dapat yong work mo ay gusto mo talaga.

    • Jenny Labutap

      I love the way you write momsh! All from the heart talaga Kaya very pure and genuine. Honest ang lahat kapag from heart ❤️

  • Lyza-Mae

    Your passion for writing shines through, even amidst life’s twists and turns. It’s never too late to reconnect with what brings you joy. I can relate to that journey of rediscovery. I’m so fond of writing too! Writing is definitely our true calling, and it’s incredible how you’re navigating your way back to it. Embrace the process, and know that every step forward counts, even if it feels like a detour sometimes. 📝💖

  • SG Coronel

    Napakagandang pg babahagi ng itong karanasan ms. Kayce..
    You dont need to feel bad.. after all tayo’y tao lamang napapagod…napakagaling mong writer mii.. sasaan ba’t babalik din ung alab ,love and passion mo sa writing.. looking forward sa mga next blog mo miii…your beautiful in and out…

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