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Tips and Tricks: Photobook Voucher Hack

I like photos. Sentimental ako. Kahit random moments gusto ko maging memory, and digital copies are not enough for me. My family and I enjoy seeing our memories in printed photo albums.

Price: 600


Matagal na kong suki sa Photobook Ph kasi quality yung albums nila and always reliable. Just upload, layout, and sila na bahala mag print.

I always opt for the medium book+hardbound+waterproof

pero ang mahal! πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

Buti may vouchers available on Laz ang laki ng natitipid ko! 😎


Original Price: 2500

With voucher: 500

The voucher itself if around 600 so kung tototal, I was still able to save 1400! Ang laki diba? I mean if youre going to avail Photobook might as well get to save using these vouchers.

After payment, I get the voucher codes after an hour or so. Ang bilis! I input them lang upon checkout.

Madaming vouchers available depende sa type and size ng book na ipapagawa nyo so make sure exact match yung bibilhin nyo.

May guide naman sila para hindi kayo maconfuse.

One Comment

  • Apart Cy

    Ganda momsh
    Mahilig ka pala sa ganito
    Maganda din may photobook
    Yung memories sa ating pamilya at kaibigan , Dito ilagay ✨❀️
    At buti ,naka avail ka ng Voucher
    So ang laki na pala matitipid

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