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My Child’s Experience at Power Mac Center Creativity Camp

It’s that time of the year – Summer – where kids have countless of steady days before going back to school. Sure, we can go to the beach, hang out in the farm, or just chill at home, play video games, but there will come a time where Geof would tell me: “Mom, I’m bored.”

Of course I told him being bored is a part of life, it is essential to unlock creativity and imagination. However, as a mom, I know but too much idle time isnt too fun either. This is why every year, since I discovered Power Mac Center’s Creativity Camp, I enrolled him to a different class each year.

What is Creativity Camp?

Creativity Camp offers digital and non-digital design workshops where children ages 6 to 15 can boost their artistic ideas each summer.

Courses available:

  • Draw and share on iPad
  • Calligraphy on iPad
  • Code and play hopscotch on iPad
  • 3D art on Mac
  • Canva graphics on Mac
  • Code and create on Mac
  • Coffee painting
  • 3D pen painting


Nacho Kid’s Experience

Just right after his first day, he told me he’s looking forward to the next.


Powermac Center Basecamp Experience 2024! My son took their coding camp! ✨ They also offer: Canva lessons iPad Art lessons

♬ original sound – 🤍🥥S•phia🐚🍨

The software platform they use is Tynker, a drag and drop system where there are ready made actions for kids to select and customize.

Each day was a different game to be created: bricks, dancing zombies, funny cat, and magic erase. It’s a great moment when the time to pickup the kids come, and they look so excited to show you what they’ve made. I compiled bits and pieces of his camp in a Tiktok video so you can see his work on action 🙂

Final Thoughts

These are Geof’s last years as a “kid/tween”, and we’re really glad he spent a slice of his summer productively with Power Mac’s Creative Camp. If you have a bright kid who’s interested in learning new things, this is one of the best places you can take them too 🙂 Cheers!

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  • Apart Cy

    Ang dami nilang Courses na Inooffer Po ,Momshie at Hindi na talaga mabobored Si Geof kasi nag enjoy siya at the same time ay marami siyang natutunan

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