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Tips for Visiting Universal Studios Singapore 2019| Day 1 Photo Diary

Hi guys, today macho kid and I will share you some tips before visiting Universal Studios Sentosa in Singapore. This is actually our 3rd time but the 1st time that he’s aware and can remember. 

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Ever since he was small, Geof has always been obsessed with the Universal Studios introduction clip. Why? Nobody knows. I asked him before and he told me that film intros are cool. If you have no idea what I’m talking about just check out the clip below:


Tip #1: How do I get from MRT to Universal Studios Singapore?

NP3 SM - Up to CRL1-page-001 (1)_resized

  1. Take the North East Line going to Harbourfront.
  2. Alight at the last stop — Harbourfront Station.
  3. Walk into the VivoCity Mall and climb to Level 3 of the Mall.
  4. Proceed to Lobby L. You know you’re at Lobby L when you see Food Republic. 
  5. Fall in line and purchase a ticket. The ticket costs S$3 and it already includes Sentosa Island Admission charge. Keep your ticket. Don’t lose it. Ticket is free if you have a tourist pass! It also works here. 
  6. Board the monorail train.
  7. Alight at Waterfront Station and once you go down you and walk a few steps you’ll see the famous Universal Studios Globe.


Tip #2: It’s Best to Visit Universal Studios Singapore on a Weekday

Vivo City

Most tourists opt to visit Universal Studios Singapore on weekends like Saturdays and Sundays. While permanent residents have a whopping 50% discount during these days too. From the regular rate of 79sgd it’s only 41sgd. Expect longer queue.

We went on a Friday (which is still almost counted as a weekend) but there are still less people than expected.

Operational Hours of Universal Studios Singapore

10 am to 7 PM (during non-peak seasons)

10 am to 9 PM (during peak seasons)


Tip #3: Yes. The Express Pass is Worth Getting

If you have kids and want to make the most out of your Universal Studios Sentosa visit, I highly recommend getting the Express Pass. For just an additional 30sgd,  you get to have first dibs on all the rides for 1 use. 

Universal Studios Singapore

Here’s an example on one of the queues for the Jurassic Park ride to give you an idea how long is the waiting time. Other attractions have twice to 3x longer lines. The average wait is 30-60 minutes.


Tip #4: Wear Cool and Comfortable Clothes

Singapore is a warm and humid country just like the Philippines. Universal Studios is a HUGE theme park that you need to walk a lot of steps to get around. I highly recommend wearing comfortable footwear like slippers, flats, or sneakers. For the love of your feet don’t wear high heels.

To give you an idea, I was wearing the most comfortable flats I had and still had foot pain by the end of the day.


Tip #5:  Universal Studios Singapore Rides Recommendations

I was travelling with 2 senior citizens and one 8 year old kid. So the ride options I had was very limited. Here are the family-friendly rides at Universal Studios Singapore that you can try!


  • Canopy Flyer – The reverse floating rollercoaster. This ride was a pleasant surprise! We waited for a round 40 minutes for a 50 second reverse flying experience. The line was worth the wait.


Universal Studios Singapore

  • Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure – A ride for the whole family. You ride a boat and get to roam the rapids. It has one huge drop at the end and be prepared to get SOAKING WET. You can bring your own extra clothes or buy overpriced plastic raincoats at their store. 


  • Enchanted Airways – Let’s call this: My Child’s Very First Rollercoaster RideIt’s thrilling enough for an adult, but safe enough for kids!

Transformers Ride

  • Transformers – It’s an indoor rollercoaster where you get to wear cool 3D glasses and expect some 4-D action of smoke, heat, and water sprinkles. My 55 year old mom enjoyed every bit of it (my aunt who’s 2 years older than her sadly, backed out 🙁 )

Revenge of the Mummy Universal Studios Singapore

  • Revenge of The Mummy – Best for group of friends! It’s a dark indoor roller-coaster. When I say dark, it means you really wouldn’t see anything except feel that you’re moving rapidly and dropping unexpectedly! Super fun!

*Ride we wussed out on: Battlestar Galactica. It’s a pair of giant roller-coasters. One with a lot of loops, while your feet is hanging in mid-air in the other one. I don’t have the guts to ride something as thrilling. WOULD YOU?


Tip #6: Where to Eat? Food Republic before going to Sentosa

Food Republic Sentosa

All I can recall during my first Universal Studios Sentosa is that the food was average and overpriced. That’s why I highly recommend that you get your fill at Food Republic in VivoCity since you’ll pass by there anyway.

They have a lot of assorted food from different asian cuisines. Indian, Malay, Indonesian, Singaporean, etc. I fell in love with their Oyster Omelette, Hokien Mee, Curry and Prata. Jop enjoys the good ol’ Kaya Toast. See all the food glory below:

Best Hokkien Mee
Roti Prata and Curry
Oyster Omelette


Tip #7: Souvenirs and Take-aways

They’re everywhere! So it’s impossible to miss a souvenir shop in and outside of Universal Studios. If you’re looking for cheaper finds, I suggest you shop at Bugis Street instead. But if you want special items that can only be found in Universal Studios Singapore, feel free.

Macho kid, of course bought his beloved globe and a few chocolates. Me? GARRETS CARAMEL POPCORN. YEAH! BEST CARAMEL POPCORN EVER. My mouth is watering just imagining it T_T huhu. Take us back.

Are you planning to visit USS anytime soon? Have you been here before? I’d love to hear your story too!


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